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Remove All Your Bounces & Get Your Emails Delivered.

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HuBuCo is one of the most popular email verification services; HuBuCo follows both American and European data protection principles. HuBuCo's servers are in the European Union.HuBuCo has Very user-friendly interface and provides detail-oriented results


  • Loyalty discounts for regular customers.
  • Option to pay in 22 different currencies.
  • 100 email verifications free every day.


  • Limited live chat support.
  • HuBuCo does not provide integration with ESPs.

  HuBuCo - Ranked 8th in Pricing

Number of Email Verifications Cost/Price
500 Email Verifications $7.05
1000 Email Verifications $7.05
5000 Email Verifications $14.1
10000 Email Verifications $28.2
100K Email Verifications $176
500K Email Verifications $598.2
1M Email Verifications $958.2
2M Email Verifications $1
3M Email Verifications $2
5M Email Verifications $3
  • The minimum order value is $7.05 for 2500 credits. The credit never expires.
  • HuBuCo Loyalty Discount - For regular customers, HuBuCo offers up to 50% discount on its regular pricing.
  • HuBuCo also offers 20% discount for the first weak; after sign-up.

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HuBuCo - Ranked # in Accuracy

No Audit for current period

  • HuBuCo claims a 99% delivery rate, to remove all bounces - hard and soft.
  • HuBuCo is amongst the top accurate email verification service that delivers of what's promised.
  • Money Back Guarantee - For mailing to valid email accounts; if the bounce rate is higher than 4%. HuBuCo assures 100% money back guarantee.

No Audit for current period.

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HuBuCo - Multiple Different Validations

HuBuCo Accuracy Vs. Avg. Industry standards

HuBuCo Accuracy Industry Average

HuBuCo - Ranked # in Turnaround

No Audit for current period

  • HuBuCo states to validate up to 1000 emails/minute for the pre-paid plan.
  • HuBuCo double checks greylisted emails which can take up to 30 minutes. A handful of vendors in the market provides greylisting check feature.

No Audit for current period.

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HuBuCo - Ranked 3rd in Free Trial

  • HuBuCo offers a freemium model where users can verify 100 emails on a daily basis.

Daily 10 verifications available without signup

Daily 100 verifications available after signup

Credit card Not Required

Integration Options

  • At present HuBuCo does not provide any integration.

Sign up process

  • Signup process of HuBuCo is little lengthy as it requires additional information like Company name, Preferred currency, Address, City, Country, and mobile number, all the fields are mandatory.

App installation required?

  • HuBuCo offers web-based services which do not require any downloads or installations.

Formats for file Upload

  • .txt, .csv and .xlsx format is acceptable for uploading the email lists.
  • HuBuCo's Turbo plan allows uploading to 2 files, while the Rocket plan allows uploading 5 files simultaneously.

Format for file Download

  • Resultant file will be available in the .csv format for download.
  • Download options available are OK, OK and catchall, Full report.

Customized / scalable services

  • Customized/scalable services are available on demand.
  • Contact HuBuCo support team for requesting the custom quote.
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Customer Support

  • HubuCo offers limited Live chat and email support.
Claimed By HuBuCo
Live Chat
Live Chat
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Not available

Real-time verification through API

  • HuBuCo facilitates real-time API in languages like PHP, NODE-js, Python, Bash and Go.
    File transfer API - HuBuCo extends it service by offering Bulk API, which allows verifying files programmatically. 
  • The manual process involved in email list verification, i.e. Uploading the list, downloading the clean record and updating the results can be automated and programmed with the help of HuBuCo's Bulk API.
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HuBuCo Reviews


Tamas Szabo said "Very reliable and superfast verifier. Also offers very competitive pricing for both bulk credits and monthly subscriptions."


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About - HuBuCo

Established in 2016.

With a WHOPPING 22 different plans for subscribers and provides options to pay in as many as 22 different currencies! HuBuCo has gone one step ahead to aid email marketers. Truly flexible with the consumer, this brand is worth the investment for a tech-savvy email marketer trying to get more clicks and content engagement. One of the most useful feature of this plans is it facilitates to upload more than one email list at same time! This can be a gamechanger for the marketers having to verify incredibly high volumes of emails. With its legendary turnaround time ranging from 3000 emails/minute to 10000 emails/minute (it depends upon the opted plans) HuBuCo is the choice of many. 

Apart from plans focused on big email marketers, HuBuCo also offers freemium model by providing 100 email verification everyday. Currently, HuBuCo does not allow integrations with any Email service providers.

Tamas Szabo

Tamas Szabo

Business Owner
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