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Hunter Vs. MyEmailVerifier

We have compiled unswayed comparison between email list cleaning services. Compare the leading bulk email verification services and select what works best for your business.

Last updated: Jan 22, 2019


Hunter - Overview

  • Hunter is more of an email finder than an email verification service. Hunter is designed to identify and validate only professional email accounts. However, its email finder is a tool to consider for acquiring quality leads.


  • Free 100 email verifications every month.
  • Extension available for validating professional email accounts instantly.


  • Unable to verify accounts other than professional email accounts.

MyEmailVerifier - Overview

  • MyEmailVerifier is the recently launched email list cleaning service. It is one of the easiest email list validator one will come across. Right from the sign-up process to downloading the files, the entire email verification process is designed to be user-friendly.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support via email.
  • Instant free credits upon sign-up
  • MyEmailVerifier does not charge credits for unknown and duplicate email accounts.


  • MyEmailVerifier at present does not support integration with Email marketing services.
  • MyEmailVerifier does not give detailed reports.


Hunter - Rating




Turnaround time



User Friendly

Customer reviews


Hunter - Pricing

  • $99 for 5000 Emails

Minimum order value is $99 for 5000 credits. The credit never expires.

MyEmailVerifier - Pricing

  • $21 for 5000 Emails

Minimum order value is $21 for 5000 credits. The credit never expires.

Free Trial

Hunter - Free Trial

  • Monthly 100 verifications available After signup
  • Credit card Not Required
  • Verification Accuracy - 0%
Signup Free

MyEmailVerifier - Free Trial

  • No Free Email Verifications available After Signup
  • Credit card Not Required
  • Verification Accuracy - 96%
Signup Free


Hunter -

No audit for current period.

Gmail Accuracy 0 99.06
Outlook Accuracy 0 100
Hotmail Accuracy 0 100
Other Accuracy 0 100

Multiple Different Validations

Hunter - Multiple Different Validations

No audit for current period.

  • Domain And MX Validation -
  • Remove Duplicate Emails -
  • Catch All account Verification -
  • Disposable email verification -
  • Habitual compaliner detection -
  • Honeypots/Spam trap -
  • Role based account detection -
  • SMTP Verification -
  • Greylisting verification -
  • Verify a Gmail account? -
  • Verify a Yahoo account? -
  • AOL Account Verification -
  • API verification -

MyEmailVerifier - Multiple Different Validations

  • Domain And MX Validation Yes
  • Remove Duplicate Emails Yes
  • Catch All account Verification Yes
  • Disposable email verification Yes
  • Habitual compaliner detection Yes
  • Honeypots/Spam trap Yes
  • Role based account detection Yes
  • SMTP Verification Yes
  • Greylisting verification Yes
  • Verify a Gmail account? - ( Accuracy - 99.06% ) Yes
  • Verify a Yahoo account? Yes
  • AOL Account Verification Yes
  • API verification Yes


Hunter - Integration's

MyEmailVerifier - Integration's

Customer Support

Hunter - Customer Support

Claimed By Hunter
Live Chat
Live Chat
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Not available
  • Limited time Live chat support is available.

  • Hunter offers good customer support via email.

MyEmailVerifier - Customer Support

Claimed By MyEmailVerifier
Live Chat
Live Chat
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Not available
  • MyEmailVerifier provides excellent support via email and limited support (Business hours) through Live Chat.

Advanced Features

Hunter - Advanced Features

    • Hunter offers services like email finder and domain verifier which aids in generating quality leads.

    • Team subscriptions - Hunter allows you to share subscription plans with team members at no additional cost.

MyEmailVerifier - Advanced Features

Advanced features will be updated soon.