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The Best (Paid) Bulk Email Verification Services for 2023

Bulk Email Verification, a process of checking if the email is valid or invalid, is a necessary step before sending out email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, the marketing team's most neglected process (email list verification before sending campaigns) is making a worldwide estimated loss of worth $6-$7 million every day.

Anyone can start sending bulk emails even without verifying them, but you need to be alert to changing market scenarios, given the high volatility. Not to mention, many email marketers had a terrible experience when their IP addresses and their domains got blocked after sending their marketing campaigns to unverified email addresses, resulting in a massive loss of money 😠.

Thankfully, bulk email verification tools can combat this issue.

It is much more effective than sending your campaigns to unverified email addresses. It's because bulk email validation tools ensure that each email address in your list is valid and active. From your email list, they will identify invalid, catch-all, greylisted, honeytrap, and Spam trap emails and guide you before sending them your campaigns.

A bulk email verification service has capabilities to meet your email marketing needs and lets you enjoy email marketing without annoyance or interruptions. In this article, you will learn about some of the best bulk email verifier services that can provide you with stable and secure email verification solutions and help bring more profits.


What is Bulk Email Verification?

For this, let's first understand Email Verification.

Email verification is a process of identifying whether an email address is Valid or Invalid. Some advanced services also determine whether an email address is catch-all, greylisted, honeytrap, or spam history.

By taking an email verification service, you don't have to worry about invalid email addresses in your list. A bulk email verification service allows you to upload an email list and process them one by one to identify the validity of email addresses. The process will return a clean list with deliverable email addresses will be returned.

What format to upload list? What format is the returned scrubbed list?

Email verification services let you upload & download your list in .txt, .csv, .xls and a few other formats. Some of them also offer a drag & drop facility to verify your email list. Some of them allow integrations with Mailchimp, Sendgrid and other similar applications. You can directly import & export your email list to Mailchimp and other similar services. Check out the given list to find out which company is accepting which format.

In-depth Analysis of Email Verification Efficiency

When your email verification service cannot identify the status of any email address, they mark them as "Unknown". When 30 to 40% of email addresses in your verified email list have "Unknown" status, this poses a significant threat to your email campaigns.

Another threat to your email marketing campaign is sending emails to catchall, spam traps and role-based email addresses.

The best solution to this problem is selecting a vendor with maximum accuracy to identify valid & invalid emails, catchall, spam traps, and role-based emails and throw a minimum number of "Unknown" statuses.

ListCleaningAdvice is doing a monthly audit of these vendors for collecting their efficiency reports. Our audit data will show you their efficiency for Valid & Invalid emails, spam traps, and role-based emails. In addition, we will show you who is the most accurate in verifying Yahoo & Gmail accounts. You will also find the best email verification service with the minimum number of "Unknown" statuses and much more.

How will this help you?

Suppose your email list has a majority of Yahoo email accounts. You would prefer to go with the most efficient vendor in verifying the yahoo email address. Our audit data and table of the comparison will help you to find out the most accurate service.


Given email marketing's high sensitivity, you need always to be available, monitor the changes, and use them in your email verification decisions.

Enjoy email marketing stress-free by using the bulk email verification services I mentioned in this article to stay focused and leverage the high-performing verifications, making the process easy for you to reap maximum benefits.

Alternatively, you can also try these free email verifiers, but you have to split your campaigns or verify them in small chunks by yourself.

Good luck! 💰