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How We Rank

At, we strive to provide value to our users by providing an in-depth analysis of prominent email verification service providers. The email verification industry has overwhelming numbers of providers where everyone claims to be the best, and that’s where we make an entry! We ensure that our users can be benefited through our detailed analysis and make an informed decision. Our data is 100% honest!

By Alex Gracias - 6+ Years of Experience
Updated April 23,2024
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1 - How do we list vendors on our website?

  • Voluntary listing
  • Upon request

Our team works to add new vendors on regular basis, vendors are either listed upon request or through the voluntary listing.

Step 1

We continuously search for reputed vendors in the email verification business, which can assist you with perfection.

Step 2

The ListCleaningAdvice team visits their website to deeply analyze their offerings, genuineness, and their products’ specialties.

Step 3

One of our mottos is to save you from smartly hidden marketing gimmicks. We thoroughly analyze their products, reviews, privacy policy, and terms of services to get an idea of their products and important disclosures that you should know, and we include that website in our listing only if they perfectly match the industry standards.

We’ve completed our primary analysis! Now, let’s test the accuracy of email verification services.
Performance Analysis

2 - Accuracy analysis

We rank vendors by their email verification accuracy. Vendors with the higher verification accuracy are listed on the top.

How do we check their email verification accuracy?

We invest huge time in conducting an in-depth audit of their services. We ensure full perfection while measuring their verification accuracy, turnaround time, customer support and detection capabilities. We’ve shown our process of calculating verification accuracy down there:

Step 1

At, we prepare a "master email list" consisting of various email addresses, including valid emails, invalid emails, catch-all emails, spam traps, role-based Emails, and disposable emails. Before conducting their audit, we never disclose this secret email list to the vendors.

Step 2

We upload "Master Email List" to the vendor's website for verification.

Step 3

After obtaining the results, they are compared against our "Master email list" and perfectly figure out the vendor's accuracy.

Step 4

This Audit is performed every 3 months with the new data.

This method of comparison is very accurate, and very easy to understand. Let’s have a look at it!

Let's get you to the most accurate, and very easy to understand table showing the full comparison of the best Email Verifier websites!

Star Rating based on the Accuracy level
>95% 5
90 to 95% 4
88 to 90% 3
85 to 88% 2
80 to 85% 1
<80% 0

3 - Turnaround time Assessment

Turnaround time is the time taken by the vendor to verify email addresses. We measure the accurate turn around time for processing 10,000 email addresses. Won’t you like to know how we calculate the turnaround time?

How do we calculate turnaround time?

Step 1

We upload a list of 200 email addresses, consisting of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Business, and Personal email addresses to the vendor's website.

Step 2

We note the exact time a vendor takes to process these 200 email addresses.

Step 3

We further compare our obtained turnaround time to what that vendor claimed.

In many cases, vendors do not disclose turnaround time on their websites. In such cases, we consider the industry's average time and compare it with the actual time taken by that vendor to process 10k email addresses.

Turnaround time - If claimed by Vendor Turnaround time - If not claimed by Vendor

Vendor Claimed Time

Our Analysis

Average Industry Standards

Our Analysis

Star rating on the basis of Turnaround time
Feature Criteria Stars
Turnaround Time
<time claimed 5
= Industry standards 4
>time claimed 3
<30 minutes 2
>30 minutes 1
Turnaround time for verifying 200 emails is considered

4 - Customer Support Assessment

Customer service is essential, as users will often run into problems and doubt. For example, if the customer can not contact the customer relations representative on time, it might affect the entire process and delay certain projects. That's why we lay high emphasis on customer support's quality.

Won’t you like to know how we rate Customer support?

Step 1

How easy it is to contact their customer support team.

Step 2

How capable, understanding, and courteous the representative was to answer the query.

Step 3

Time taken to respond via live chat, email, ticket, and phone.

Don’t you think our method of rating customer support mentioned below is perfect?
Ratings on the basis of the available support channel Ratings on the basis of response time
Live Chat support
24*7 - Excellent
20*5 - Good
8 Hrs - Average
Live Chat support
1-5 minutes - Excellent
6-10 minutes - Good
Above 10 minutes - Average
Email support
24*7 - Excellent
20*5 - Good
8 Hrs - Average
Email support
1-2 hours - Excellent
2-4 hours - Good
Above 4 hours - Average
Phone support
24*7 - Excellent
8 hours - Good
Phone support
Brief response - Excellent
Limited response - Good

5 - Security Assessment

The security of the data is critical! An email verification provider must abide by data security and privacy laws. For security analysis, we consider data privacy and security policies, GDPR compliance, TOS, etc. We also take a physical address and other relevant information from the vendors' accounts.

" Data privacy and security - Maintaining data privacy has gone tough now. Hence, it's essential to know whether the email verification service provider ensures data privacy and security. Therefore, we profoundly analyze the data privacy and security checks deployed by email verifiers, which helps you select a value from the worthless.

" GDPR compliance - GDPR is now a compulsion for processing large-scale data, and under the GDPR law, it is necessary to hire a Data protection officer. Every email verification service processes large-scale data of specialized categories that makes it mandatory for the email verification vendor to be GDPR compliant. You can trust this quality benchmark! We carefully research and record all the GDPR information listed by the email service providers because safeguarding our readers is our priority.

6 - Other factors

Besides accuracy and compliance, we consider some other relevant factors (deeper ones) while selecting the best email verification service. That adds an extra layer to the perfection of our ultimate listing system.

Ease of use

While rating the vendor based on ease of use, we consider features like:

  • Dashboard functionalities.
  • Customer Support.
Star rating on the basis of Customer Support
Customer support

We deeply judge ease of sign-up and login process, User interface, support materials, etc. before rating a vendor concerning dashboard functionalities.


While buying services from any email verification company, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about some productive features such as:

  • File formats accepted for uploading the list.
  • File formats available for downloading the clean list.
  • Integrations option available

On the basis of three major features we mentioned above, we rate the vendor in the following manner:

Star rating on the basis of available Features
Feature Criteria Stars
Formats to upload list
.csv,.txt,.xls,.xlsx, cloud, Integration 5
.csv,.txt,.xls,.xlsx, cloud 4
.csv,.txt,.xls,.xlsx 3
.csv,.txt 2
.csv 1
.txt 1
Formats to download result
.csv,.xls,.xlsx, custom downloads 5
.csv,.xls 4
.csv 3
.txt 2
Integration Options
>5 5
3 to 5 4
less than 3 3
No integrations supported 0
Average rating of all 3 factors are considered

Free trials

- If any email verifier website isn’t facilitating free trials and permitting you to take a tour of their services, then we don’t recommend it, as it’s a pure gamble. Considering free trials, we rate on the basis of following points:

  • The Volume of free credits available. I.e. 50, 100, 500 etc.
  • Time - period of free credits available. I.e. one-time, daily, monthly etc.
  • Whether or not credit card details are required for availing free credits.

Pricing models

- We compare different pricing models like pay-as-you-go, prepaid credits, monthly and annual plans to extract the transparency of the pricing models.

While giving star ratings on the basis of the price, we equally consider accuracy as the deciding factor, and after evaluating both factors perfectly, we list only those email verifier companies, which give true value for your money.

Feature Criteria Stars
Cost below Avg. price, Accuracy >95% 5
Cost below Avg. price, Accuracy 90 to 95% 4
Cost below Avg. price, Accuracy <90% 3
Cost above Avg. price, Accuracy >95% 4
Cost above Avg. price, Accuracy 90 to 95% 3
Cost above Avg. price, Accuracy <90% 2
The average price per 100k verification is $290 (Top 10 vendors)
Our mastermind team has invested a great time, and done much of trial work after consolidating this whole 6-step method for listing Email verifier services with max transparency possible. If you think we are missing out on an important factor(s), feel free to write to us.