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Frequently Asked Questions

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To get the best email validity checker, you need to check a few parameters:

1. Accuracy,
1. Turnaround time,
1. Price.

Apart from this, according to your email list, you can check which email verifier gives you all the email extension checks, how many free credits, and which format they allow to upload and download your email list.
That completely depends on the vendor, but most vendors allow uploading and downloading the list in .csv, .txt, .xlsx. You can check the detailed answer [here](
Email marketing works in 3 steps:

An Email List

Make an email list with the active email addresses. You can collect it by subscribing to interested customers and offering coupons on your website, and interest one can get it by adding their email.

An Email Service Provider

Am Email Service Provider, we call as ESP platform, helps to manage your email list. It also helps to design and execute an automated email marketing campaign.

Clearly Defined Goals

Email marketing can be used for different purposes:

- drive sales
- boost brand awareness
- generate and nurture leads
- keep customers engaged
- increase customer loyalty and lifetime value
We recommended cleaning your email list every three months.
Yes, it could be, but not every time. You can also get the sales on cold email marketing, but it totally depends upon your product and your approach.

Few points you need to focus on:

- Do not send a sales pitch approach in the first email instead of focusing on delivering valuable service/product knowledge.
- Whether you are doing cold email marketing, please make sure your email list can give you high deliverability and an open rate.
- Represent your email with the emotions and benefits; they feel that they need your service badly and convert it into a sale.
1. Using the double opt-in method is a good way of building and maintaining a high-quality & clean list.
2. The most important thing you should do to keep your list clean is to validate it by email validation and verification tools regularly. It will help eliminate incorrect, invalid, counterfeit, suspicious, and abandoned email addresses that can hamper your reputation and lower bounce rates. If the list is new, you still need to validate it before sending out your campaigns, and you should keep validating your lists every few months.
3. Provide value in the emails so that people can subscribe to your emails and not mark you as spam.
4. Never opt for purchasing a list; it can hamper your reputation since a purchased list has less credibility from the start. Instead, always focus on using legitimate ways to grow your list.
Email list cleaning is an important factor, as it helps improve your email deliverability rate, open rate, and IP reputation.

There could be a possibility of human error while entering the email address. Also, if the email database is quite old, there might be the possibility of dead emails in it. It is also possible that any subscriber has an opt-out from the email list.

Due to these several reasons, your email gets a hard bounce, and continuing this practice, unknowingly can end you on a blacklist.
Benefits of email validation and verification:

- Keeps your sales team productive by marketing to valid recipients
- Reduces your bounce rates
- It keeps you off the net of been dinged for spamming
- It saves your marketing team time by eliminating selling to invalid email addresses.
People thought that email verification and email validation were the same processes, but both are completely different.

We like to explain it in detail because validation is everything before the @ sign and email verification is everything after the @ sign.

Email validation is the process used to check whether the email address you received is correct or not. Because sometimes in hurry people skip letters or mistype their email address. Email validation tools help capture some of these honest email typing mistakes.

Email verification is the process that used to check the email address is exists or not. By email verification process, you can get to know the status of your email address, whether it is valid, invalid, unknown, or any other status.
Every marketing technology has its own time frame to work aggressively in the market.
In 2010, a text message was ruling in the market, with 68% of businesses were using text messages and 48% were using email marketing for communication and sales. But then market changes, in 2021, 87% of marketers use email marketing to generate leads and conversion. However, that doesn't mean nobody is using text messages still; 30% of businesses are using text messages to communicate with their clients and generate sales.
Email marketing is the process of promoting your product or service while developing a relationship with customers.

Types of email marketing:

- Welcome Emails,
- Personalized Emails,
- Sponsorship Emails,
- Re-engagement Emails,
- Brand story Emails,
- Transactional Emails.
Listcleaningadvice is the best place to get the answer to this question. It includes the best 25+ email marketing vendor list with their details on their platform. I am sure this will help you to choose the best email marketing service, provider.
Before starting your email marketing program few questions you need to draft first:

- First, what is the objective of an email strategy?
- What will be your targeted audience?
- How do you define your email marketing program as successful or not?

Based on these questions, you can move further:

- Design email sequence
- Newsletter
- Type of content - Promotional, based on the website.
Email is an important method of business communication that is quick, cost-effective, accessible, and easily replicated. Using email can greatly benefit businesses as it provides efficient and effective ways to transmit all kinds of electronic data. Moreover, it is the most professional way to communicate in the corporate world.
An email extractor is software used to extract email addresses from both online and offline sources. An email extractor generates a huge list of email addresses in a minimum time frame. Although email extractors can serve useful purposes, such as legitimate email marketing campaigns, they are mainly used to send spam emails.