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Email List Cleaning : 10+ Best Services (2024)

Looking to clean your email list? Here is the list of 10+ best email list cleaning services of 2024. These providers give customers the best email verification experience in every measurable way!

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By Alex Gracias - 6+ Years of Experience
Updated June 18, 2024
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Best Bulk Email Verifiers by Accuracy

Please find the best email validation tools by accuracy, compare them and choose the perfect match.

Do you currently employ an email verification service provider that is shown above? If so, we need to hear from you! Please share your experience with us regarding any of the above companies.

What is Email List Cleaning?

Email list cleaning means checking all email accounts on your list and deciding if they all exist (without emailing them). Cleaning an email list helps reduce your marketing campaign's bounce ratio by validating all email records within minutes.

Email verification checks and removes all types of bad emails (Spam traps, catchalls, invalid emails, and so on) from the list and returns a clean email list that will be deliverable and safe to send.

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What are the types of Email List Cleaning?

Real-time email verification through API

Real-time email list cleaning API is used to validate email addresses on a real-time basis, i.e., emails are checked when they are entered in signup forms, subscription boxes, or checkout forms on your website or blogs.

Most email verification vendors combine their API plans with bulk verification plans, e.g., real-time API verification is also available if you sign up with their bulk verification plans. In addition, a few notable email verifiers offer free API for real-time email verification.

Bulk Email Verification

Bulk email list cleaning means cleaning an entire email database at once. The email database can have any number of emails in thousands, millions, etc. You can upload an entire list of email addresses in .csv or .xls format. A list of 1 million email addresses is usually processed in less than 24 hours. Running an email list through bulk email verification checks and removes all kinds of nasty emails, i.e., catchall, disposable, role-based, spam-trap, and delivers back an email list with only legitimate emails.

Bulk Email List Verification through API

Unlike uploading & batch cleaning, bulk cleaning API removes the manual process of uploading, cleaning, and downloading the files. Instead, the email data files are processed programmatically so that the marketers can focus on more critical tasks for better email marketing. Unfortunately, only a few email list cleaning companies offer bulk cleaning through API, i.e., MyEmailVerifier, ZeroBounce, EmailChecker, and HuBuCo.

Email List Cleaning: How it Works?

Email list cleaning means running an email through vivid steps to validate the same. Here is a detailed email verification process.

Syntax Checking

A syntax check is the very first step of the email verification process. It is merely checking the format of an email according to pre-defined standards. Verifier tools will mark an email invalid if it does not meet the specified format criteria.

Domain/MX Records

MX record (A mail exchanger record) is a record in the DNS that specifies a mail server responsible for accepting emails on behalf of the recipient's domain. An email address with a missing MX record will be marked as invalid by the bulk email verifier.

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Role-based email detection

The role-based account belongs to a group of people, and mailing them may get you blocklisted with some ISPs. Email verifier detects and marks such email accounts from the list to prevent you from mailing to such harmful email accounts.

Disposable/Temporary email detection

As the name says, temporary email accounts are created to bypass the sign-up or login forms. Such types of emails got destroyed automatically after some time.

Catchall email detection

Catchall email server is configured to receive/accept all emails sent to a specified domain.

Spam-trap detection

There is a possibility of a spam trap in an email list. Therefore, the removal of spam traps is essential for email list hygiene.

Greylisting verification

Just like whitelisting and blacklisting, greylisting is another method of spam fighting. The mailbox of the greylisted email account rejects the Email from an unknown IP with a "try again later" message. It means that the Email is delayed until it is sent again.

Mailbox Confirmation

It is the final step of the email verification process. The email verifier utilizes the SMTP protocol to contact the mail server and validate if the mailbox can receive messages.

How does the ranking system work?

Finding an excellent Email verification service can take lots of time and money.

Our sole purpose is to provide tested and reviewed data from 25 email verification services.

Therefore we gathered Email verifiers performance data, including accuracy, turnaround time, costs, Customer support, Security check, and other factors like Dashboard functionalities.

  1. Here are our review process details.
  2. Vendors are listed upon request or voluntarily by our team. Our team updates it regularly.
  3. Finding the Accuracy of their Email Verification Results.
  4. Turnaround time Assessment
  5. Customer Support Assessment
  6. Security Assessment
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10 Best Email List Cleaning Services

Here is a list of the 10 best email list verification services that have performed well in 2023-2024:


1. MyEmailVerifier : Best Email Address Verification Service ($0.0029/Email)

The Alexander of email list cleaning industry

Our top 10 list of the best email verifiers secured MyEmailVerifier with 98% accuracy. Besides unbeatable accuracy, it's among the most affordable and speedy services. You just need to pay $2.90 for 1000 credits, and you can try it for 10K for free! It's one of the most versatile email verification services on the market and is proud to be at the top.

Editor's Overview

As the most accurate bulk email verifier, MyEmailVerifier verifies 98% of emails accurately. On top of that, you'll get guaranteed delivery 99% of the time after sending your email list.

In addition to verifying Gmail, Hotmail, AOL & other business email services, MEV identifies if the provided Yahoo/AOL address is active but disabled. Other email verifier services mark that as "active," which is embarrassing for businesses.

Read why we rated MyEmailVerifier #1st on our list

2. Verifalia : Real Time Email Verification ($0.0039/Email)

Verifalia makes email hygiene easy.

With Verifalia, emails are validated and verified using advanced algorithms and techniques. Over 35k+ customers worldwide have benefited from their service since 2005 with an accuracy rate of 92%. It is one of the most expensive verification tools on our list, and the 5th most expensive on our list. Additionally, it provides 25 daily credits for free email verification.

Editor's Overview

Verifalia is an email validation company based in Italy. They have provided an accuracy of 92% in our current audit survey, and they can easily detect all types of emails.

Using the Verifalia API integration, you can validate emails in real-time within five seconds before entering your database.

Read why we rated Verifalia #2nd on our list

3. Clearout : Email Validation & Verification Service ($0.007/Email)

This heavyweight champ is versatile!

With over 94% accuracy, Clearout holds the 6th position. This software will validate Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and other email formats while excluding fake, invalid, and spammy ones. Additionally, it offers 256-bit SSL encryption to protect data and is speedy and accurate. It requires no development to integrate and is extremely versatile due to its effectiveness in SMS marketing.

Editor's Overview

Clearout protects data with the SSL 256-bit protocol with an encryption layer and is bound by their privacy policy, so don't worry. They also have a great community where you can find discussions, tips, tutorials, and more. You'll even be able to get quick answers to your questions. Isn't that awesome?

It allows you to choose between a one-time or monthly subscription plan based on your email validation frequency, for example, valid, invalid, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and more.

Read why we rated Clearout #3rd on our list

4. DeBounce : Email Verification With Deliverability Guarantee ($0.0003/Email)

The most prominent warrior against low deliverability

The DeBounce service can assist you as much as you need if low deliverability is your main concern. For just $15, you can verify 10K emails, and it proves to be a tremendous service for email marketers and companies of all sizes. They're the pioneers of validating G-suite catchall emails, and their excellence is described by their streak of features, some of which are truly superb, like the list monitoring feature.

Editor's Overview

With an accuracy of 91%, Debounce is one of the most trusted and cost-effective email verification services in Asia.

Their pricing is less expensive than other vendors like Zero Bounce, Emailable, and Verifalia. For example, they verify 10k emails for $15. However, users often require a detailed report of emails after verification; Debounce provides detailed reports to better understand the process.

Read why we rated DeBounce #4th on our list

5. EmailListVerify : Full-Featured Email Verification. But Half The Price. ($0.0040/Email)

Affordable Email List Cleaner

Get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable emails, and catchall emails without breaking your budget. Get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, and disposable and catchall emails now with EmailListVerify because It is a fast, reliable, and affordable email verification service. They provide 100 email verifications for FREE on registration. Their flexible pricing starts at just $4 for 1,000 email verifications. They integrate with Mailchimp, Aweber, MailerLite, SparkPost, etc.

Editor's Overview

In addition to managing and validating substantial email lists, EmailListVerify has a 91% accuracy rate. They are known for managing and validating large email lists. Additionally, they offer two subscription plans for creating frequent campaigns, depending on your needs; pay as you go or monthly subscriptions.

EmailListVerify offers free tools such as an email health checker, blacklist checker, email extractor, and MX lookup. They can verify 100K emails for $169, while NeverBounce and Clearout verify 100K emails for $400 and $350, respectively.

Read why we rated EmailListVerify #5th on our list

6. ZeroBounce : Most Accurate Email Verification Tool ($0.0039/Email For 100K Emails)

The biggest enemy of wrong and unrealistic data

This renowned US-based email verification service has an incredible 98% accuracy rate! Several companies use it, and it has earned a lot of trust for its speedy email list verification solution. With its well-managed API dashboard, you get many email verification-related features, making verifying your emails easier. Gather only legitimate, valid contacts without spending a fortune.

Editor's Overview

One of the fastest-growing companies in the email verification industry (according to INC. 5000) is ZeroBounce, a US-based email verification service.

With their API integration, you can prevent unwanted sign-ups and have clean email lists. A well-managed API dashboard allows you to look over daily and monthly reports.

Read why we rated ZeroBounce #6th on our list

7. Bouncer : Email Validation And Verification Service ($0.0025/Email)

Highly supporting you in reaching real people

This well-established company from Poland offers Affordable Rates with up to 97% accuracy, which sets them apart from other Email Validating Software. G2Crowd has awarded the company and they collaborate with other great companies like SimilarWeb and Phenom. GDPR-compliant validation ensures a completely safe process of validation. As a result, you feel all the ease and promptness of reaching real people and ensuring protection against spam traps.

Editor's Overview

Introducing you to a well-established email verification company from Poland - Bouncer, which has an accuracy of 97%. They accurately identify emails like Gmail, catchall, role-based, and invalid.

Read why we rated Bouncer #7th on our list

8. Clearalist : Bulk Email Verification & List Cleaning Service (0.02)

A great blend of dependability, and cost-effectiveness

Are you bewildered due to the gathering of unverified email address’ lists? Want a quick solution without breaking the bank? Sit back and have lime juice, as you’ve got a prodigiously dependable email verification service like ClearList! Their expertise and support are reflected by innovation, leadership, transparency, and fairness. It’s a continuously improving service, offering highly helpful features every now and then.

Editor's Overview

  • Clearalist is a popular email verification tool that offers a user-friendly interface and real-time verification. It is one of the fastest and most reliable bulk email verification services, with advanced verification algorithms and a high accuracy rate that ensures your email marketing campaigns are more effective and efficient. 
Read why we rated Clearalist #8th on our list

9. Bounceless : Because A Message Only Matters If It's Delivered ($0.0060/Email)

Editor's Overview

As an email verification service, Bounceless is trusted by big names like Disney, KPMG, and Yamaha. Bounceless has an accuracy rate of 76%. However, its premium pricing starts at $59, making it unaffordable for small businesses.

Read why we rated Bounceless #9th on our list

10. Emailmarker : Email Verification & Cleaning Services ($0.0016/Email)

Editor's Overview

  • EmailMarker is a reliable email verification service that provides 24/7/365 customer support, a user-friendly dashboard with a graphical view of API verification, and advanced algorithms for identifying invalid, inactive, or fake email addresses and removing them. While it currently offers integration with Mailchimp, its unique features make it a top choice for businesses looking to improve their email deliverability and reputation.
Read why we rated Emailmarker #10th on our list

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