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10 Best Email List Cleaning Services (2019)

Looking to clean your email list? Here is the list of 10 best email verification services of 2019. These providers give customers the best email verification experience in every measurable way!

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Last Updated: September 12,2019

10 Best Email Verification Services

Here is a list of 10 best email list verification services that have performed well in 2018-2019:


1. MyEmailVerifier:  Best Email Address Verification Service ($0.003/Email)

Accuracy:  98% (1st in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.003 per Email
Turnaround time: 3.47 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

  • MyEmailVerifier is the recently launched email list cleaning service. It is one of the easiest email list validator one will come across. Right from the sign-up process to downloading the files, the entire email verification process is designed to be user-friendly.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support via email.
  • Instant free credits upon sign-up
  • MyEmailVerifier does not charge credits for unknown and duplicate email accounts.


  • Limited integration option with ESPs.
  • MyEmailVerifier does not give detailed reports.
Read why we rated MyEmailVerifier #1st in our list

2. ZeroBounce:  Most Accurate Email Verification ($0.0065/Email)

Accuracy:  97% (2nd in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0065 per Email
Turnaround time: 20 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

  • ZeroBounce gives its competitors run for their money; by its accurate email verification solutions. ZeroBounce has earned 23500+ active accounts with its data append facility at no extra cost and 24*7*365 dedicated customer support.


  • 97.47% accuracy (Highest in Industry)
  • Greylisting feature.
  • Military grade security.
  • 24*7*365 customer support.


  • Limited integration option with ESPs.
  • Takes longer to deliver the results.
Read why we rated ZeroBounce #2nd in our list

3. Bounceless:  Best Email List Verification ($0.0060/Email)

Accuracy:  93% (3rd in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0060 per Email
Turnaround time: 2 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportNo

Editor's Overview

  • With more than 5000 clients across 153 countries, Bounceless works with big names like Disney, KPMG and Yamaha. Bounceless is a trusted email verification service with excellent accuracy level, 96.38%. However, with its premium pricing starting from a minimum $59, Bounceless is not affordable for smaller business.


  • A good number of options for uploading the email list. Cloud services like Dropbox and Amazon are available for uploading the email list.
  • Bounceless provides detailed insights into email list deliverability.


  • Minimum order value is $59 for 5000 email verification.
Read why we rated Bounceless #3rd in our list

4. QuickEmailVerification:  Daily Free Credits ($0.0032/Email)

Accuracy:  93% (4th in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0032 per Email
Turnaround time: 4.51 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

  • QuickEmailVerification is a simple yet highly accurate email verification tool. QEV is designed to be user-friendly that offers a good option for integrating ESPs like MailChimp, AWeber, SparkPost to name a few. QuickEmailVerification's freemium model is what makes it ahead of the competition.


  • 100 free email verification every day.
  • Free tools like SPF analyzer, DKIM analyzer, DMARC analyzer, etc. are available for Webmasters.
  • Zero tolerance spam policy.


  • Live chat support not available.
  • A physical address is not available on their website.
Read why we rated QuickEmailVerification #4th in our list

5. Blaze Verify:  Email Verification That’s Astonishingly Easy And Low-cost. ($0.0038/Email)

Accuracy:  92% (5th in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0038 per Email
Turnaround time: 4.11 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

  • BlazeVerify is one of the hassle-free email verification tools that are not only accurate but quick. The email marketing integration options make it even more attractive.


  • Instant sign-up.
  • Free 250 email credits - one time.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Minimum order value is $19 for 5000 email verification.
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6. HuBuCo:  Best For Email Marketing ($0.0017/Email)

Accuracy:  92% (6th in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0017 per Email
Turnaround time: 33 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

  • HuBuCo is the fastest email verification service; its verification system is capable of processing 3000 emails/minute. HuBuCo follows both American and European data protection principles.HuBuCo's servers are in the European Union. Also, HuBuCo has been growing in popularity with its accuracy as well as freemium offerings for validating email list with lower volume.


  • Loyalty discounts for regular customers.
  • Option to pay in 22 different currencies.
  • 100 email verifications free every day.


  • Limited live chat support.
  • HuBuCo does not provide integration with ESPs.
Read why we rated HuBuCo #6th in our list

7. Verifalia:  Real Time Email Verification ($0.0039/Email)

Accuracy:  91% (7th in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0039 per Email
Turnaround time: 28.36 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportNo

Editor's Overview

  • Verifalia is a feature-rich email verification provider that offers three levels of service quality and specific response codes in real time. Verifalia, email verification suite, performs 20+ additional checks to validate an email. Verifalia's international verification capabilities make it a real feature rich solution.


  • Secured data centers in Germany.
  • Daily 25 email verification free.
  • International verification.


  • Verifalia does not allow integration with any ESPs or CRM.
Read why we rated Verifalia #7th in our list

8. NeverBounce:  Bulk Email Verifier (0.0080/Email)

Accuracy:  90% (8th in Accuracy)
Cost:  0.0080 per email
Turnaround time: 4.17 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

  • NeverBounce has grown in popularity with its premium email verification service focused on providing the highest level of accuracy. NeverBounce unique 20+ step proprietary process that is designed to check each email 75 times across the globe has earned an immense user base.


  • NeverBounce facilitates to integrate many ESPs, CRM(s), Landing pages and more.
  • Custom download options with 25 advanced features.
  • Discounted price for Start-up's and Non-profits.


  • Limited online support.
  • NeverBounce does not detect role-based account separately.
Read why we rated NeverBounce #8th in our list

9. DeBounce:  Email Verification With Deliverability Guarantee ($0.0003/Email)

Accuracy:  90% (9th in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0003 per Email
Turnaround time: 30 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

  • DeBounce is the newcomer in the email verification industry committed to providing a 97.50% deliverability guarantee. DeBounce is any user-friendly yet accurate email verifier.


  • Free API for detecting disposable email address.
  • Refund policy for lower deliverability results.
  • Allows users to choose Validation server region upon request.


  • Limited time online support (Business hours)
  • API support available only in PHP language.
Read why we rated DeBounce #9th in our list

10. Clearout:  Validation Checks That Meet The Accuracy! ($0.0050/Email)

Accuracy:  89% (10th in Accuracy)
Cost:  $0.0050 per Email
Turnaround time: 2.13 Min (10K Emails)
Customer SupportYes

Editor's Overview

Clearout is one of the best email validation services in terms of turnaround time. The base plan from Clearout is available from $5/1000 email verification.


  • 500 free email credits upon successful sign-ups.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Excellent customer support via Live chat, email and phone.


  • Limited integration option with ESPs.
Read why we rated Clearout #10th in our list

Compare Email Verification Services


Pricing Comparison Table

Find the price of all email verification services in one place. Compare them and find the cheapest email verification service for you.
Vendor Accuracy Number of email credits
1000 10K 100K 500K 1M 5M
MyEmailVerifier 98% $3 $21 $120 $400 $600 $1800
ZeroBounce 97% - $80 $400 $1100 $1590 -
Bounceless 93% - $59 $299 $699 $1099 $5599
QuickEmailVerification 93% $8 $60 $320 $900 $1350 $3500
Blaze Verify 92% - $29 $199 $499 $749 -
HuBuCo 92% $7 $28 $176 $598 $958 $3
Verifalia 91% $8 $65 $389 $969 $1469 $3689
NeverBounce 90% $8 $50 $400 $1500 $2500 $5000
DeBounce 90% - $15 $90 $300 $500 $1500
Clearout 89% - $45 $350 $850 $1100 $5565
BriteVerify 89% $10 $100 $1000 $3000 $5000 -
Emailmarker 89% $3 $21 $161 $441 $589 -
MailboxValidator 85% $19 $59 $199 $399 $699 -
Bouncer 83% $2 $20 $140 $500 $800 $3500
TowerData 82% - $100 $900 $3000 - -
EmailChecker 82% $14 $69 $299 $799 $1249 -
EmailListVerify 81% $4 $24 $169 $449 $599 $1990
Deliverbility 78% - $5 $50 $250 $500 $2500
ListWise 67% - $45 $185 $605 $995 $2995
EmailVerifierApp - $8 $49 $240 $700 $1050 -
MailFloss - $4 $20 $150 $400 $600 -
DataValidation - $7 $50 $300 $1 $1500 -
Xverify - $10 $70 $400 $1000 $1500 -
Snovio - - $49 $139 - - -
Hunter - $49 $198 - - - -

Best Bulk Email Verifiers by Accuracy

Find the best providers by accuracy, compare them and choose the perfect match for you.
Accuracy  Email Verifiers Location Cost Free Trial Time UPVotes
98% New Jersey, US $120 Yes 3.47 Min
1 Vote
97% California, US $400 Yes 20 Min
8 Votes
93% California, US $299 Yes 2 Min
0 Vote
93% - $320 Yes 4.51 Min
1 Vote
92% New York, US $199 Yes 4.11 Min
0 Vote
92% England, UK $176 Yes 33 Min
1 Vote
91% Puglia, Italy $389 Yes 28.36 Min
2 Votes
90% Ohio, US $400 Yes 4.17 Min
0 Vote
90% Maharashtra, India $90 Yes 30 Min
0 Vote
89% Delaware, US $350 Yes 2.13 Min
2 Votes
View All Email Verifiers

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Top 10 Free Email Verifiers

Email verification is the prerequisite for a successful email marketing efforts. For a small or growing business, it might sound difficult to set out different budgets for bulk email verification as well as email marketing. Fortunately, email verification services offer free email verification that can be used for validating email lists with fewer records.

Below listed are the best free email verification services offering email credits on the daily, monthly and one-time basis.

Rank Vendor Free Email Verifications After Signup Accuracy Credit card required for free trial? Link to Review
1 QuickEmailVerification icon QuickEmailVerification Daily 100 Free Verifications 93% No Read Review
2 HuBuCo icon HuBuCo Daily 100 Free Verifications 92% No Read Review
3 MyEmailVerifier icon MyEmailVerifier One Time 10000 Free Verifications 98% No Read Review
4 Verifalia icon Verifalia Daily 25 Free Verifications 91% No Read Review
5 Bouncer icon Bouncer One Time 1000 Free Verifications 83% No Read Review
6 EmailListVerify icon EmailListVerify Daily 100 Verifications for 10 days 81% No Read Review
7 Clearout icon Clearout One Time 500 Free Verifications 89% No Read Review
8 Deliverbility icon Deliverbility One Time 500 Free Verifications 78% No Read Review
9 Blaze Verify icon Blaze Verify One Time 250 Free Verifications 92% No Read Review
10 Emailmarker icon Emailmarker One Time 150 Free Verifications 89% No Read Review

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What is bulk email verification?

Marketers utilize a bulk email verification service when they have to send mass emails to a spontaneous gathering of contacts. It generally requires sending a single mail message to an enormous number of addresses simultaneously for Email marketing or potential deals. The principal objective of the bulk email verification procedure is to prohibit emails that will bounce back on a given email marketing campaign.

All list verification services mean to deliver a decent, useful list of valid email addresses; however, no two exclusive calculations are the equivalent. On the off chance that the approval procedure has been fruitful, all lousy email addresses ought to be sifted through. With spam traps and invalid addresses removed, your email marketing campaign can profit by improved deliverability. You won't sit around sending messages to dead-air, and all the more critically, help abstains from harming your sending notoriety.

Bulk Email verification Icon

How does it work?

The idea is to remove the email addresses that could probably waste your time, money, and negatively affect the overall deliverability of your email marketing campaign. The simplest of bulk email checkers will go through the initial list validation and legitimacy checks listed below.

  • Detect "Catch-all emails" Emails (disposable addresses)
  • SMTP Verification (Ping Mailboxes)
  • DNS Record Verification (Invalid Domains)
  • Detect Role-Based Accounts (
  • Remove Duplicate Emails
  • Email Address Syntax (Improper Format)
  • Honeypot / Spam Detection (bots, bad emails, spam seeds)
How does it work icon

Benefits of email verification.

Email verification is a significant factor in email marketing. More than 25% of email addresses become outdated every year in the company's customer database. This can be due to various factors like changing their job, unsubscribing the mailing list, and so on.

Here are a few benefits of email verification:

  1. Personalization: Considering name, age, and location, it helps you plan a better campaign. Also, only starting an email with their name makes the user feel more comfortable opening it.
  2. Saving money and improving ROI.
  3. Improved reputation.
  4. Actionable data insights and segmentation.
  5. Improved inbox delivery and results
  6. Reduced bounce rate
Benifits of Email Icon

How the ranking system works.

Finding an excellent Email verification service can take a lot of time and money.

Our soal purpose is to provide tested, and reviewed data of 25 different Email verification service.

Therefore we gathered Email verifiers performance data which includes accuracy, turnaround time, costs, Customer support, Security check, and other factors like Dashboard functionalities and so on.

Here are our review process details.

Vendors are listed upon request or voluntarily by our team. Our team updates it regularly.

Finding the Accuracy of their Email Verification Results.

Turnaround time Assessment

Customer Support Assessment

Security Assessment

What is bulk email