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Problem Mediation Process


ListCleaingAdvice Mediation Process

If you encounter a problem with an Email verification service that you could not solve yourself and you feel is counter to the ListCleaingAdvice Verification code of ethics, then you can request that Verification mediates the problem. ListCleaingAdvice Verification cannot guarantee any solution, but if the Email verification service does not follow the code of ethics, then they will lose the Good status. Please also read our terms for more information. To file a complaint/request mediation, click on the ListCleaingAdvice trust mark on the website.

Mediation Process - ListCleaingAdvice Program

The ListCleaingAdvice mediation process is web-based. The steps below occur after you begin the complaint process.

You must login into ListCleaingAdvice or if you don’t have the account then sign up first.

You will be asked to enter the details of your complaint. You must enter a solution that would satisfy your complaint.

You will then be sent an email to validate the complaint. Follow the link in the email and the complaint will become active after moderation

Email validate setup
Once active, the Email verification software will receive an email with a link to the complaint where they will be able to respond.

The ListCleaningAdvice verification status of the Email verification software will also now have changed to "Mediation In Progress"

Email verification softwarew
The complaint mediation thread contains the details of your complaint and requested outcome and also any responses by either you, the Email verification software or by ListCleaningAdvice Verification program

Each time a response is posted to the thread you will receive an email to let you know. The email will contain a link that allows you to read and add to the thread.

Each time you or Email verification software posts a response to the thread the email verification software will also receive an email to let them know you have made a response and a link so they can read and post to the thread.

Closing of the complaint thread can be done by the customer at any time using the link found at the top of the complaint thread page. If the customer closes the complaint the vendor will return to "In Good Standing"