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Frequently Asked Questions

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- Always use your company email address, which builds trust in your audience.
- Always add valuable information and opt-out option.
- Always use a permission-based email list, so people are aware of our email.
- Build your policy, show it on your website and stick to it.
- Never use a web client to send email marketing messages; there are the highest chances of spamming.
Email scrubbing is the process of removing the inactive email address from your list and keeping your mailing list healthy. It helps the service provider decrease the campaign's bounce rate, increase sender reputation, and improve customer engagement and email deliverability.

Why should you scrub your email list:

- To increase your email open and click-through rate,
- Decrease your email bounce rate and spam emails
- you can contact only active subscribers
- To improve your lead quality and conversion rate.
- To reduce your spam complaints
- To improve your sender's reputation
- Eliminate hard bounce
Email verification is the process of verifying whether the email is valid or not.