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Comparison of KudosHub with QuickEmailVerification

We have compiled unswayed comparison between email list cleaning services. Compare the leading bulk email verification services and select what works best for your business.

Last updated: Apr 28, 2023


KudosHub - Overview

Kudoshub is a new player on the market that offers multiple services including,
  • Email marketing
  • Email Verification
  • Web designing and development
  • Mobile app. development

As a result, it can be helpful for customers looking for one-stop email marketing solutions.


  • You will receive 3000 free credits that will never expire
    Integrated with Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Moosend, and 80+ other email marketing tools...
    Users can choose from a variety of services
    API is available.



QuickEmailVerification - Overview

With an accuracy of 92%, Quick Email Verification is the fastest and fifth-most accurate email verification service available. And how fast are they? They can verify 10k emails within 150 minutes!

They have a moderately great team of developers & digital thinkers. And why do we think about this? They are one of the rare companies offering tons of free tools (SPF analyzer, DMARC analyzer, DKIM analyzer), which are very helpful in analyzing your email deliverability. For all of these, you need funds and a strong team.

Compared to other providers, they offer 100 free email credits per day, which is a great way to test your emails before purchasing a plan.

As a result of their easy and clean documentation, even beginners can quickly get ideas for using their validation service, free tools, and integration with EMSs.

In general, QEV provides reasonable and accurate email verification services.


  • Stellar Accuracy

    While performing its audit, QuickEmailVerification reported 92% accuracy, making it the 6th most accurate email verification tool recommended by LCA.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    QuickEmailVerification also caught our attention when we measured its turnaround time which is 150 minutes for 10K email address verification! The standard turnaround time is 582 minutes for 10K email address verification; QEV took less than half of the standard time. With this, QEV stands in the Top 10 list of the fastest email verifiers.

  • Drag & Drop Facility

    Apart from uploading your email list from a computer, ESPs, and through API, QEV’s easy-to-use dashboard allows you to upload an email list through a drag & drop facility.

  • Free Trials & Credit

    One more commendable factor we found on QEV is its freemium plan which offers 100 credits every day. So, before purchasing the premium plan, you can easily explore the entire interface of QEV and get to know about its overall performance.

  • Good Integration Facility

    QEV also integrates with 25+ applications, including well-known ESPs such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and more. This allows you to centralize your marketing activity and directly upload email lists.

  • High Data Security

    Besides offering enterprise-grade security, QuickEmailVerification removes users' uploaded data and generates reports after 90 days.

  • Real-Time API

    You can also integrate QEV's real-time API on any part of your website, landing page, or mobile application to maintain the overall hygiene of your email list.


  • Extravagant

    Due to higher charges, i.e., $60 for 10K email verification, QEV gets 21st rank among 35+ email verifiers audited by LCA. We can say that QuickEmailVerification is four times more expensive than RemoveBounce & DeBounce.

  • No Live Chat & Phone Support

    QuickEmailVerification does not provide live chat and phone support to its users. Users can reach the QEV support team only through email. Apart from that, they do not reply to the email immediately. It takes at least one hour for a user to receive a solution to a technical question. Therefore, we must say that QEV does not provide instant technical support to its client base.

Rating Comparision

KudosHub - Rating




Turnaround time



User Friendly

Customer reviews

QuickEmailVerification - Rating




Turnaround time



User Friendly

Customer reviews

Pricing Comparision

KudosHub - Pricing

  • $17 for 5000 Emails
  • $200 for 100K Emails
  • $800 for 1M Emails

Minimum order value is $200 for 100k credits. The credit never expires.

QuickEmailVerification - Pricing

  • $35 for 5000 Emails
  • $320 for 100K Emails
  • $1350 for 1M Emails

Minimum order value is $4 for 500 credits. The credit never expires.

Free Trial Comparision

KudosHub - Free Trial

  • No Free Email Verifications available After Signup
  • Credit card Not Required
  • Verification Accuracy - 0%

QuickEmailVerification - Free Trial

  • Daily 100 verifications available After signup
  • Credit card Not Required
  • Verification Accuracy - 93%

Accuracy Comparision

KudosHub -

No audit for current period.

Gmail Accuracy 0 100
Outlook Accuracy 0 100
Other Accuracy 0 100

Multiple Different Validations

KudosHub - Multiple Different Validations

No audit for current period.

  • Verify a Gmail account?
  • Verify a Yahoo account?
  • Catch All account Verification
  • Disposable email verification
  • Role based account detection
  • Greylisting verification
  • Domain And MX Validation
  • Remove Duplicate Emails
  • Habitual compaliner detection
  • Honeypots/Spam trap
  • SMTP Verification
  • AOL Account Verification
  • API verification

QuickEmailVerification - Multiple Different Validations

  • Verify a Gmail account? - ( Accuracy - 100% )
  • Verify a Yahoo account?
  • Detects accounts with .
  • Find accounts with .
  • Find accounts with .
  • Greylisting verification
  • Domain And MX Validation
  • Remove Duplicate Emails
  • Habitual compaliner detection
  • Honeypots/Spam trap
  • SMTP Verification
  • AOL Account Verification
  • API verification

Integration's Comparision

KudosHub - Integration's

QuickEmailVerification - Integration's

Customer Support's Comparision

KudosHub - Customer Support

QuickEmailVerification - Customer Support

Claimed By QuickEmailVerification
Live Chat
Live Chat
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Not available
  • QuickEmailVerifier responds within an hour and provides a solution to the customer's query.
  • The QuickEmailVerifier answers technical queries efficiently and in detail.
  • "QEV offers excellent customer support via email but lags in live chat and telephone support.

Advanced Feature's Comparision

KudosHub - Advanced Features

    • Syntax Check
    • Toxic Domain Detection
    • Email Deduplication
    • SpamTrap Removal
    • 99% Guaranteed Accuracy
    • A+ Grade Data Security
    • Catch-All Validation
    • Email List Scrubbing

QuickEmailVerification - Advanced Features

  • Anti-Greylisting Technology: Using the latest anti-greylisting technology and ISP-trusted networks, QEV returns precise results.
  • Quick Verification Process: This email verification tool provides a fast and accurate email verification service. 97% accuracy was found in just 200 minutes to verify 10K email addresses.
    API Integration: Your application can integrate QEV's API to validate email addresses to avoid a messy email list.
  • Detailed Resultant Reports: In-depth Resultant Reports: QEV will provide an in-depth report based on advanced metrics.
  • Recommendation of Good Contacts: After completing the email list cleaning process, QEV produces the "safe to send email list." Following this recommended email list, you can increase your email deliverability quickly.
  • Categorized Downloading Option: QEV's categorization option allows you to download a resultant file into various categories, such as a valid, invalid, unknown, full report, and customized report.
  • Graphical Representation of List Quality: In your dashboard, QEV displays the entire list quality graphically after completing the verification process. This will allow you to see the whole result without downloading or opening the resulting file.
  • Data Encryption: QEV maintains complete security by encrypting all uploaded email data and removing it from its server after 90 days.