10 Best Free Email Marketing Tools in 2021

10 Best Free Email Marketing Tools in 2021

Email marketing is a crucial part of business marketing; you can skyrocket your business if you follow the right Email marketing practices.

An email marketing service permits your business to send targeted emails, communicate straight with customers, and build strong brand engagement. You know what, all is done with the click of a button only.

It seems easy the first time, doesn’t it? Well, it’s challenging!

“In a hurry? The best email marketing tool is MyEmailVerifier.com and this single tool has brought unbelievable success to thousands of email marketing campaigns.”

Here, some email marketing tools, and please pay attention; you don’t have to pay a penny for these tools!

Expert Email marketing team of List Cleaning Advice spent dozens of days researching over 150 of the industry’s top email marketing tools.

We examined their features deeply and tested many of those tools firsthand to find out exactly how easy (or tough) it was to use.

Here are the tools we highly recommend, and we also appeal you to spend some time cherishing these tools personally to figure out how much benefit you can reap out of these.

Shall we reveal?

MyEmailVerifier.com – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #1

The biggest difference between an experienced Email marketer and a fresher recognizes the “big Email marketing factors” deeply. Obviously, there are tons of practices to do, but which ones are crucial, why, and how, that’s the question!

Email verification is a practice that most of the freshers oversee, and later on, it proves to be a big mistake. If you really want your Email marketing campaign to stay in good shape and right on track, then you need to go for a solid Email verification tool.

Among all tools, we’ve pulled out an amazing service, MyEmailVerifier.com, and this lone tool has the capabilities to do wonders for you.

Free Email Verifier

This single tool Ascertains the accuracy of your data, Reduces email bounces, Saves money, Shows accurate campaign insights, Improves customer engagement, Increases campaign ROI, Saves efforts in fixing bounces, Prevents deliverability issues, and Protects Sender Reputation.

Not just that, it provides a reliable database to your sales teams, Saves you from punishments and fines, Helps you evaluate email collection methods, Lowers spam complaints, and Keeps your email list updated!

After going through Sign-up, you enjoy 100 free credits, and there are other ways also to enjoy free credits. Yes, this tool has paid plans, but most importantly, its cost never hurts you!

You can lay an ultra-solid foundation of your Email marketing campaign with the help of this tool, and we recommend you – “wait no more!”

canva.com – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #2

In case you want to add perfection to your Email Marketing Campaigns, then you certainly need to support eye-catching graphics. Obviously, tools are available for that, but the harsh truth is that majority of them need to be paid. On the other hand, the free ones don’t have many options for you.

Canva is the king of all web graphic tools, helped thousands of graphic designers and creatives to prepare a beautiful visual context for their blogs, website, and social media campaigns.

Yes, you don’t have to pay anything, and all hassle needed is – “use your Gmail to sign-up.”

free online image creating tool

Besides that, Canva is unbelievably easy to use, and even an unskilled person can design pro-level visuals. The abundance of features and high convenience level boost your confidence in your presentation skills.

Canva offers free plans that include hundreds of thousands of free images (which are excellent), more than 250K+ templates, 5GB of cloud storage.

Besides that, you can invite your team member. All that sounds fascinating, but once you register to canva.com and begin designing your first template, believe us, this tool can hike your enthusiasm level to the top!

So, why are you waiting to design your planned Email template through the best email template builder in Canva?

weebly.com – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #3

All email marketers know the importance of Email templates as they represent you and your work. Hence, it’s you who will have to take care and test your templates on different devices to know its perfectly displaying the image of your content perfectly.


free website builder weebly

Weebly is among the best website builders as per several experts, and as it’s free, most of the email marketers are making the most of it. Through Weebly, you can make a website within minutes by using its cheeky drag and drop web builder.

Besides, they have several free ready-to-use professional template designs to support your Email marketing, or you can even build your self-customized templates with their powerful email template tool.

Weebly scores high, mostly for its convenience level, the powerful eCommerce store, and highly responsive templates. It’s also great that you can add external apps to Weebly.

subjectline.com – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #4

Do you ever struggle to get expectations to open your emails? For a few marketing folks, writing witty, clever, clickable subject lines can be a tough challenge — and that’s exactly where subject line tester tools enter the scene.

Check for spam triggers, get advice for making your subject lines more attractive, emotive, and get an overall grade regarding how clickable your emails are.

SubjectLine.com is the king of all free subject line tester tools available out there.

free subject line creator

This tool doesn’t wander around the bush. You can get an overall score for the subject lines you write, see where and for what reasons you lost points (i.e., “Doesn’t contain a sense of urgency” -12 points), and advice for how to mold it better.

Getting suggestions to refine your subject lines is too easy on SubjectLine.com.

Talking about their expertise, they have tested 10 million subject lines and counting. The numbers prove their perfection. So, if you want to bring a good impact to your email marketing campaigns, you should adopt strategies like using tools like SubjectLine.

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #5

If you want to analyze your email headlines closely (which is an exceptionally important part of Email marketing), then CoSchedule Headline Analyzer proves to be a boon! It’s a free email marketing tool helping you build your emails’ best headlines.

free headline analyzer

It performs check through various criteria with the help of which you can attain perfection.

So, what does CoShedule headline Analyzer test further? Well, it catches some deep focal considerations like Overall copy effectiveness, length analysis, keywords, word balance, type, Headline Type, Word Count, Clarity, Reading grade level, Character Count for SEO purpose, Skimmability, and sentiment.

They target to help you in creating the ultimate best headlines that can drive reader’s attention, and further, traffic and shares. Besides that, they offer a free chrome extension to build the best headlines within your software and CMSs.

DESIGNWIZARD – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #6

Design just got easy! You can create impressive videos and image
designs in minutes with this easy-to-use graphic design software.

DesignWizard email marketing tool

The free features allow you to resize your designs, upload your fonts, photos and logos and create custom color palettes. The library holds over 1 million premium images, thousands of high quality videos, illustrations and graphics.

Every video and image has also been licensed for commercial use.

The Pro plan, starting at $9.99 per month, gives you 60 image design downloads, image uploads, font uploads, free previews and 1GB storage.

Meanwhile the Business plan, starting at $49.99 per month, gives you unlimited standard video downloads, 1 premium video, unlimited image design downloads, video uploads, add text and images to video and 10GB storage

Hubspot Free Email Marketing Tool – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #7

HubSpot is a highly popular inbound marketing and sales software developing company. The company has helped many small companies to build their businesses and can help your one as well.

hubspot email marketing tool

They offer various types of free tools, including lead capture tools, SEO, Analytics tools, Social Media, and much more. Let’s focus on their email marketing tool currently.

Here, the Hubspot email marketing tool becomes the biggest helping hand for the beginners who are likely to indulge in email marketing as a noob. Even if you don’t know to code, you can conveniently create beautiful templates through their highly appreciable drag and drop feature.

For every email, marketer data is essential. Data and analytics help us to improve our marketing campaign and activities in more suitable ways.

Most importantly, HubSpot provides analytics of your email campaign by providing click-rate, open-rate, and whether the email was useful to them did they shared your email with friends.

Hubspot email marketing software also provides the analytics of the campaign, letting you check the specifics details of the campaign. It includes email bounce rate, deliverability rate, open rates. Data helps us to improve our strategies and helps us improvizing our strategies and tricks..

Also, you can include personalization in your emails (which may highly work for you). It’s not just about subject line personalization; you can do even better with their email marketing software. For example, if creating a personalized call-to-action button in an email is what you want, it’s easily possible on HubSpot.

ActiveCampaign Free Subject Line Generator – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #8

Are you facing a tough time in generating email subject lines? Yes, that needs some creativity, and under challenging circumstances or tight deadlines, being creative becomes tough, especially for beginners.

best subjectline generator

If you are really frustrated about how you can generate a good subject line, you should use some tools to get suggestions. Although you can directly use some of them, all don’t prove to be that good.

ActiveCampaign is the email marketing software offering a free email subject line generate. How cool does that sound? It gives the best possible ideas below the tool on how you can create the best-customized email lines.

This tool offers free unlimited suggestions on the keyword category and keyword you enter in their search bar. It will show you five results every time you hit the button (which are all fabulous, and actually, enough).

Now, these subject lines highly impact your Email marketing campaign, as due to these only, the receiver is going to read your email and potentially respond. That’s how your business will thrive, and you certainly can’t generate subject lines halfheartedly!

SenderScore – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #9

If you’re in Email marketing for a while, then you may be already knowing a bit about SenderScore. Not yet? Well, no worries, let us explain those golden benefits.

Your IP’s reputation is an ultra-importance factor in your email marketing campaign. After all, the IPs are the backbone of the email marketing campaigns as mailbox providers inspect the reputation and decide to deliver the message in the inbox.

check your sender score

SenderScore an amazing free email marketing tool that helps you to test your IP’s reputation. This amazing tool provides blocklist lookup that helps email marketers take insides depth by checking if their IPs are blocklist by any of the ESPs or ISPs.

Like a credit score, awe measure a Sender Score of your reputation. These scores are scaled from 0 – 100. The higher your score, the better your IP’s reputation, and the higher will be your email deliverability rate.

Numbers are calculated on a 30-day average and shown where your IP address ranks in comparison to other IP addresses. Validity provides this service and is entirely worth trial.

WP Subscribe Free Plugin – Free Email Marketing Tools Rank #10

WordPress was never as bright as it is currently, and you can get whatever luxury you want, as plugins are available for everything! There are some tremendous plugins available, about which many people don’t know.

Free WPSubscribe tool

Let’s come back to your Email marketing campaign now!

So, how challenging is Email list building? Yeah, you need tons of effort, and you need to provide value to your audience. Building an email list without a great convincing form is not possible, as that’s what encourages people to submit their email.

WP Subscribe plugin is built by MyThemeShop, and it can help you out to build engaging and attractive forms. It’s an amazingly handy tool used by 30K+ WordPress users, and there’s the huge purpose, undoubtedly!

Through this cool plugin, you can even integrate with the best marketing software like MailChimp, Aweber, and FeedBurner. The tool is responsive, lightweight, and compatible with SEO plugins.

Yes, it’s free, but there’s a pro version available at $19 per month. It’s an outstanding fully-featured subscription plugin specially designed keeping in mind the needs of an Email marketer.

Factors you should consider while selecting email marketing software.

As everybody knows, email marketing isn’t about just sending random promo emails to individuals, hoping that they might become profitable conversions in just one night. It’s all about communicating with people in a humanized style, using targeted content for providing your message.

For example, using an Excel spreadsheet along with Outlook to handle your lists and forward emails no longer cuts the mustard. In this modern era, you need something that’s far more efficient.

Numerous marketers nowadays state that email marketing is generating a significant ROI and some of those marketers state that it eventually will. It shows that selecting the ideal email marketing software for the job is really important to your efforts.

When selecting your platform, the following are the three factors you must consider:


While you work in digital marketing, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) you have is your true friend.

Updating lists and forwarding emails manually is actually time-consuming, so selecting an email marketing platform, which integrates seamlessly with your CRM will offer you a hassle-free solution for handling valuable content & customer data, as well as offering you a key metrics overview (click-through rates and open rates) to indicate which of your campaigns are performing the most.

Automation Your Strategy For Your Email

With automation, besides sending a similar email to everyone on your list of mailing, automation permits you to do quite the opposite.

While you set up automated emails, they will get triggered by the actions of the recipients. For instance, when you purchase a certain product, you get an email of confirmation, or if you have something leftover in your cart, you get a reminder.

Those emails will be automatically sent in response to the actions you do on a certain website or how you responded to a recent email.

Automation can be easily used for distinctive purposes and means you can incorporate a high level of personalization in the message. Besides that, using automation to score your new leads is possible and add rules that will indicate the best ones.

Choosing an email marketing tool that incorporates automation opens a fresh world of email marketing, depending on the creativity you have.

Here are some ideas of the sort of messages you might use with automation, which can assist your company in achieving better results:

  • Welcome email for fresh subscribers
  • Messages that will welcome people who signed up for your service/product
  • Free trial proposal email
  • The message that can gather service or product feedback
  • Birthday surprise email
  • Notice that will show the expiry of their subscription
  • New product or blog promotion

Ease of Use

Whether you are a fresher or seasoned pro to email marketing, you will have no shortage of challenges to run your business. Is getting shackled to an email marketing software platform, which is a pain to use, is what makes you step back? No, of course not.

Therefore, look for a program, which you find easily usable. It will make your daily life in digital marketing easier!

Considering these criteria, how will you arrive at the conclusion that a product is an ideal email marketing platform for your requirements? Do your homework!

Try seeking out third-party & independent reviews, and also including end-user product reviews. Do read the supplier’s website, blog, and content that’s downloadable thoroughly. Take full benefit of any free trial in case they have offered, and ask their customer support team some relevant questions.

Reading & Viewing options

Numerous people now check their emails, mostly on their smartphones, every single day.

In the current world, fewer and fewer individuals are opening their emails from any desktop setting thta’s traditional, which means selecting an email marketing tool with great functionality as well as mobile-optimized templates is highly essential.

In case someone opens your email on their mobile device, and if it failed to display correctly, they’ll bounce back immediately, and after that, of course, your efforts will be redundant.

Response handling

Whether your business is colossal, medium, or small — email response management is of among the vital importance.

If you own a smaller business, who sends out a newsletter or email series to nearly 1,500 people every month, you’ll require less sophistication if we talk about automation & response management, and managing some of your work manually will be possible.

However, if you’re managing mass amounts of emails, selecting email marketing software that will permit you to forward aggregate customer responses or automated responses into tickets will be highly advantageous.


Email Marketing Software FAQs

Having helped thousands of individuals pick the ideal email marketing software, we’ve answered a great deal of questions. Following are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding email marketing platforms.

Is doing bulk email marketing from my Outlook or Gmail is possible?

In theory, yes. However, this will quickly get the email accounts you have suspended. G Suite & Outlook are not created for bulk email sending. They are a fantastic solution just for professional business emails.

Which email marketing service is the best?

Several email marketing services will provide free tiers for limited use. Currently, the most beneficial free email marketing service is SendinBlue, as their free plan is not having any limit on the number of subscribers. Besides that, MailerLite & MailChimp also will offer you free email marketing service plans.

How much will email marketing cost me?

Your email marketing expenses will entirely rely on the number of subscribers you own and will forward your mails to, the number of entire emails you forward per month, and also the email platform you use.

Approximately, a small business email marketing expenses is nearly $20 – $300 every month on email marketing offered that they handle their own campaign. In case you use an agency of email marketing, then obviously your cost might rise and will be near to $500 for each month or even higher.

Will email marketing help with SEO?

Email marketing basically has no direct impact on SEO. However, it will surely help you in driving more traffic to your website/blog, which will surely lead to more shares & sometimes mentions or backlinks.

Google and some other search engines basically use shares & mentions as social signals for ranking websites. So indirectly, it’s clear that email marketing is surely gonna help your website’s SEO rankings.

Are there additional email marketing platforms accessible that are not listed here?

Yes, there are undoubtedly hundreds of email marketing services accessible out there, but we’ve not listed all of them here. We believe that making a complete email platforms list might create a lot of confusion and cause selection paralysis for non-techy readers.

We have tested and tried all the top major email marketing service incorporating many that are not even in our email platform lists above, for example, MailerLite, Ontraport, Mailjet, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, InfusionSoft (now Keap), Eloqua, Pardot by Salesforce, Klaviyo, Marketo, Sendloop, iContact, TotalSend, SharpSpring, Moosend, Emma, MailPoet, and so on.

The most famous & reliable email marketing services that we have selected to incorporate in our list offer high-end features and value for money.

Let’s Conclude

All the email marketing tools mentioned above can be used as arms and weapons by any Email marketer, and these tools have the potential of flipping your marketing scene upside down!

If you are a beginner in email marketing, then we would recommend you to use the above free tools that will help you and reduce your cost of Investment. Although, Investment here doesn’t matter because in email marketing, every dollar you spend, you get a 4200% return. How amazing right?

If you use those tools rightly, you can do magic. Most importantly, you don’t have to read encyclopedias to learn how to use these tools, and also, you don’t have to shed money (yes, some tools have paid plans as well).

So, do you have any reasons for not getting yourself busy with the trials of these tools?

We would love our email marketing readers to share their experiences with these tools down in the comment box, and our experts will not just reply but actually polish your strategies. They may even give you some extra-ordinary tips from their secret basket of knowledge and experience.

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