Email Verification – 5+ Key Terms You Must Know To Better Understand Your Data

Do I Need Email Verification

Email verification is an essential factor for any business that deals with email. The email list keeps on growing; it becomes necessary to get rid of emails that are good for nothing.

Email validation cleans your email list in minutes. Mailing to a clean email list brings better results from email marketing.

Also, verifying an email list solves a lot of deliverability issues like and soft bounces.

There is a different type of emails in your mailing list, and you must know which one of them do not deserve your email.

What Is Valid Email Accounts?

Valid email accounts are the ones you should be mailing. Valid emails are the accounts that are the most valuable in your email list.
Valid email accounts will make it to the inboxes of your users.

Mailing to a valid list of subscribers brings better engagements. Valid email is also termed as deliverable or safe-to-send by some bulk email verifier.
What is valid email account-bulk email verification
Should you mail to valid email accounts?
Yes; valid emails will bring the best returns from your email campaigns.

What Is Invalid Email Accounts?

An invalid email account does not meet the proper email format. Also, it might not exist on the recipient’s mail server.
An invalid account will cause hard or soft bounce; impacting your sender’s reputation.

Should you mail to invalid email accounts?
No, You should not be e-mailing to invalid emails as it will lower your email deliverability rates.

What Is Catchall Email Accounts

Catch-all email address is also known as Accept-all email address. The catchall email account will receive all email communication sent to that particular domain.
Here is an example below; if a [email protected] is set as a catchall. It will accept all emails sent to that domain, i.e.
What is a catchall email account - bulk email verification
Should you mail to Catchall email accounts?
You should not completely ignore mailing to catchall email accounts. As you might miss some valuable business leads. Here is the useful solution by Xverify, that will save you time and money.

What Is Disposable Email Accounts

Disposable, as the name says it is a temporary email address that expires after some time. Such email addresses are used to bypass the sign-up process or fake subscriptions.

Should you mail to disposable email accounts?
No, disposable email account will only populate your email list, they do not carry an value.

What Is Role-based Email Accounts

Role-based (Generic) accounts does not directly belong to any individual. It might be managed by a team or more than one individual. Example of role-base account are, [email protected]; [email protected] and so on.

Should you mail to role-based email accounts?
As said above role-based email accounts does not belong to any individual, it is not a good idea to keep them on your list. If there are too many role-accounts in your email list, there is a higher risk of getting blocked. Also, mailing to role-based account increases the complaint rates affecting sender’s reputation.

What Is Spam-trap Email Accounts

Spam-trap email looks like a real email address but does not belong to any individual. Spam-traps are of two types i.e, pristine and recycled.

Should you mail to role-based email accounts?
No, hitting just one spam-trap can get you blacklisted and hinder your ability to reach engaged subscribers.

Other important email verification terms

    • Abuse email

It is the kind of email account that carries the history to mark emails as spam (even if it is a legit email)

    • Email Verification API

The API integrates with your platform or a website. It is useful in validating email on a real-time basis.

    • Email delivery

Email delivery lets you know if the subscriber’s ISP has accepted your email. Email delivery does not assure that your message would go into the inbox. It might land in the spam folder as well.

    • Email deliverability

Email deliverability lets you measure if your messages are landing into the inboxes.

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