How a clean email list can save you $240 a year.

A clean email list can do wonders to any of the email campaigns. A list of mixed emails that are not cleaned in ages can make email marketing efforts go wrong.

Ever thought how much dollars you can save by cleaning your messy email list? Let’s dig-in to save yourself from spending dollars on invalid emails. And stop making your email marketing company richer.

Every email marketing company charges you for the number of email accounts in your list. They don’t care if you have tons of email addresses that will never land in the inboxes.

Why does an email marketing service never ask to clean an email list?

Money, Money, Money! And yes some more money!

It is dead simple for email marketing companies; they charge you by the number of subscribers.

More Emails = More Money

Why would they ask you to get your email list cleaned? Cleaning an email list remove invalid accounts. Removing the emails from the list lowers the revenue for an email marketing service.

Let’s understand this with a real-world example.

Let us assume that your email list has 3000 subscribers. And you keep on mailing them without checking the quality of your email list.

How much would you pay to a prominent email marketing service like MailChimp? For mailing to 3000 subscribers here, it is
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$50/month that sums up to $600 every year. Wondering how much could you save if you have spent on an average $5 to clean your email list? Let us drill it down for you.
Do you know an abandoned email address gets converted into a spam-trap by ISP? In-active emails get converted into spam-trap. Also, some of the emails in your database will be mis-typed (which will never get delivered).

Cleaning your email list will remove invalid accounts. And it will lower your mailing cost. Let’s understand this scenario with some more details.

Suppose; you cleaned your email with the help of bulk email verifier. Out of total 3000 subscribers, 1000 emails are invalid. Now you should be mailing to only 2000 customers that will receive your email into their inbox.

Now, what will be the cost of your email marketing?
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Did you feel the difference of having a clean email list?

$30/month for 2000 valid subscribers is the actual cost you must be incurring on your email marketing campaigns.

How Much You Can Save With A Clean Email List
Email list quality Not Cleaned Cleaned
Subscribers 3000 2000
Cost per month $50 $30
Cost per year $600 $360
Savings $240

The cost taken into account is MailChimp’s “Grow Plan“. Rest Mailchimp offers a forever free plan for 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails/month.

Wait! This was about getting your email list cleaned.

Let’s discuss more making your email list even more efficient. You can streamline your email marketing campaigns by monitoring your email list.

You want your subscribers to take certain action once they receive your email right?


  1. Opening your email
  2. Engaging with your content
  3. Sharing your content
  4. Buying your products and services

What if they don’t? Well, ask them if they want to hear it from you. Make it simple for your subscribers if they want to receive emails from you. Here is an example taken from Animoto asking to update email preferences.

How to clean email list
Don’t allow your email list to populate with emails that do not carry a potential to bring returns for you. An engaged email list is better than having millions of them that only burns a hole in your pocket.

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