How To Clean Email List – 5 Effective Tips

What is a clean email list

A clean email list can make email marketing better. A mail-ready email list will have deliverable email accounts . An email database is valuable only if it has a valid email addresses.

How to know if your list requires cleaning

  • You have not sent email to your list in long-time
  • The bounce rate from your email campaign is high
  • Your email list is messy (Un-segmented)

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above, it is high-time to scrub your email list.

Risk of not cleaning email records

Uncleaned email records causes higher bounce. Also, it will keep on harming the sender’s reputation. A poor sender’s reputation will not allow you to reach your subscriber’s. Including the most engaged subscriber(s).

Benefits of clean email list

Keeping an email list in a healthy state increases engagement from email marketing. Good engagement is helpful in building meaningful relation with subscribers.

Quality over quantity” is best suited for email marketing. A targeted email list with few subscribers will perform better than a messy email list. A clean email list will bring in the following benefits.

  1. Lower Bounce Rate (Hard and soft)
  2. Better ROI from Email marketing
  3. Lower mailing cost
  4. Increase engagement and clicks
  5. Better conversion rates

How to clean email list

Email list is the most valuable asset for every business. Having a quality subscribers list is the per-requisite for successful email marketing campaign.
The email list keeps on growing through sign-ups and subscription. As the list grows in numbers it is important to keep a check on email database.

  1. Re-engagement Campaigns
  2. A lower engagement does not mean that your subscribers are not interested in your offers.
    Before removing the inactive audience, try changing your email content.
    Try to make appealing offers like

    • Special discount or gifts
    • Exclusive benefits
    • Free trials
    How to re-engage subscribers

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  3. Remove inactive subscribers
  4. It is important to engage subscribers for getting desired results from email marketing. An inactive subscriber on the list does not bother about your offer or message and never opens it. It is always a good idea to ask such subscribers to update their mailing preferences.

    How to clean email list

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  5. Segmentation of email list
  6. The best way to segment an email database is through audience behavior. Analyze key metrics to see what type of content engages your customers. For example, looking a buying history can help you in developing a better sales campaign.
    You can segment your customers with ease. To get you started here is a small list of segmentation.

    • Demographics
    • Engagements
    • Buying history
    • Position in the sales funnel
    • Interests

    Here is an in-depth guide on email list segmentation by critical parameters.

  7. Deep cleaning an email database
  8. It is important to clean an email list with the help of bulk email verifier on a periodical basis. An email account gets decay over a period of time. Also, it gets hard to manage a growing email list.
    Taking the help of email list cleaning service will make your list in a mail-ready condition. Mailing to clean emails will have lower bounces and can lower your mailing cost too.

  9. Real-time email validation API
  10. Real-time email verification API checks email at the point of entry. i.e. sign-ups or subscription. Using API does not allow invalid email accounts to get into your list.

    Have a look at this top email verifier that offers free usage of email verification API.

    Quality of an email list is the decisive factor in email marketing efforts. Managing and monitoring of email list on a periodic basis gives peace of mind and better returns.

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