Ways Email Verification Boosts Marketing Results

Ways Email Verification Boosts Marketing Results

There are many answers that you will get when you google how to improve deliverability or open email rates. The kind of answers to expect include; segment your email catalogue; utilize infographics; be more personal; use a captivating subject title, and incorporate an active call to action. What if after you implement all these recommendations, you still don’t get to inbox? This may happen because of typos and dysfunctional email addresses in your catalogue. These addresses waste your time, resources, risk your reputation and destroy your overall marketing strategies. This, in turn, makes your business run into losses or bankruptcy. Email verification is the solution to these problems. There is various email verification software that will help you to verify your email catalogue. You should always check and update your email list. This will ensure that the emails you send are read by real people, consequently bringing positive results to your business. 

What is Email Verification

Email verification, also called email hygiene, helps to distinguish and separate good email addresses from the bad ones. It is essential to know the quality of your email addresses. This will prevent you from the risk of reading through spam folders. 

The primary objective of the email verification process is to delete emails that are likely to bounce back on a certain campaign of marketing emails. 

An extensive email verification system analyzes every single email that is listed by scrutinizing it through various validation techniques. This process is referred to as list cleaning. It helps in verifying the legitimacy of the different email addresses and deletes addresses that seem to be invalid/spam. The average rate of accuracy among the various email verification systems is above 96%. 

Types of email verification

1. API-based real-time email verification

After installing the email verification software, you will be required to sign up. There is a particular code that you are given when you sign up. You should add this code to the website. This strategy confirms every email address effectively. When a person visits your website and enters his/her email address, the system triggers several actions. Immediately, the system carries out a specific sequence of tests that verify every email address before it pops up in your database. This process is quite efficient and helps to verify addresses in real-time. If perhaps the email address is wrong, the system will prompt the visitor to enter a valid address. This verification process is quite fast. This is because it takes an average of two seconds to verify one email address. 

Bulk email verification or email list verification.

It is also possible to verify email addresses that are stored in your email register. The number of email addresses (thousands, hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions) in the catalogue does not matter. It is referred to as batch verification. Every successful company that deals with email verification offers two significant options for email verification. 

  • You can upload your email catalogue direct to the website for verification. After the entire email addresses catalogue is verified, you can download the clean the catalogue for future reference.
  • You can also integrate your Email Service Provider (ESP) with the company that offers email verification services. This process will enable the verification of the email addresses using the simple integration tool. The clean list can be updated using the ESP integration. 

How email verification can boost your marketing results

To have an excellent email marketing system, you need to have a healthy email catalogue. You can collect emails from many people daily. However, very few people understand that emails turn dysfunctional after some time. This is because the particular email/s is not in use. For example, a majority of employees stop using their former work emails when they get a new job. Hence, their email addresses become invalid and dysfunctional, thus making it spam trap email. Such email addresses are likely to destruct your email marketing strategies. 

Email Scrubbing: Remove harmful email addresses

There are four main types of email addresses that are harmful. Before commencing an email marketing campaign, ensure that you delete/remove them.

Disposable email addresses

This is a type of email address that can be used for a specific period. Sometimes people use these emails to sign up and access restricted content. If there is one of these emails in your catalogue, then your bounce rate will be high. A bulk email verification system distinguishes such emails and eliminates them from your catalogue.

 Spam traps email addresses

Research suggests that for an email list that has lasted for six months, you will probably find an average of 15% dead emails, i.e., inactive and spam emails. For an email catalogue that has lasted for one year, the percentage of dead emails will be between 22% to 24%. 

This is because when a person does not use his/her email address for a certain period, the email address is converted to a spam trap by the email service provider. These kinds of spam traps are called recycled spam traps. 

Moreover, there are pristine spam traps. These are planted on websites, and visitors cannot find them. However, a software that has an email harvesting feature can detect them. Hence, when you utilize software to gather email addresses, you will get spam traps on your email catalogue. 

It is not good to send email addresses to spam traps. This will negatively impact your sender score. Furthermore, you might get flagged by anti-spam organizations and consequently get blacklisted.

A bulk email verification system detects and eliminates spam traps. This helps to reduce the risk of being blacklisted, thus improving marketing strategy.

Role-base, catch-all, and typo

A role-based email address belongs to a particular group of any corporation. For example, HR [at] 123company.com and admin [at] 123company.com. This type of email address belongs to a group of professionals at a particular company. The purpose of this email address is to conduct professional communication with other work colleagues or clients.

Communication through such emails is not a good option. Hence, it is best to eliminate such emails from your catalogue using email verification software.

Gray listed email addresses.

Gray listing is a strategy that prevents marketers from sending spam emails. Email verification systems that offer gray listing services will temporarily reject email addresses from strange sources. 

Email verification software eliminates four main types of email addresses from your email catalogue. This will provide you with a clean list that will provide good email marketing results from your respective strategy.

Improved Sender Score, Deliverability, and Email Open Rates

A pure email catalogue ensures that you will get minimal email bounce backs. Here are the things that you will be able to improve.

Sender Score

The sender score is the particular number between 0 to 100. This number depicts the extent of safety that various email service providers view on your IP address. To determine the sender score, there are several factors that are considered. For example, industry blacklists, mailing to strange users, spam complaints, and e.t.c. 

A pristine email catalogue means that there is no bounce backs, spam complaints, or blacklisting situations.


Deliverability refers to the number of email addresses that will subscribe and inbox. To improve deliverability, ensure that you only send emails to valid addresses. 

Email Open Rates

Email open rate is the number of subscribers that open your respective email/s. When an email/s is delivered to many legitimate addresses, there is a high chance of it being read by many people. Hence, your efforts to make infographics and creative subject lines will bring good results.

Get detailed and accurate results of your email marketing campaign.

When you utilize the services of an email verification software, then you will have a clean email catalogue. This will bring minimal bounce rates and better deliverability results. A pristine email list produces accurate marketing results. For example, lets split an email catalogue that contains 1000 addresses into two, A and B. If the delivery of A is 460 good and valid users, and B is 340 users. Then A has better and more valid email addresses than B. As a result, a clean email catalogue produces better results, thus helping you to strategize your marketing campaigns. 

Email verification connects you with your subscribers.

Email verification software is a tool that provides a personalized connection with your subscribers. When you clean your email catalogue, role-based addresses are also eliminated. This can reduce your rates of engagement. Although role-based addresses are not spammed traps or invalid, it is not prudent to send emails to them. This is because many people use them. 

A good personalized connection is fundamental in a marketing campaign. Email verification ensures that the addresses in your catalogue are always active. This, in turn, gives you the ability to connect with them. 

The Benefits of Email Verification

1. Saving money and improving ROI

Email verification will help you to save money on marketing costs. This is because you will have a clean list that will improve your profits. Also, the statistics of your marketing campaign will improve. Email verification ensures that your investment returns with more profits. It also improves your skills in conducting marketing campaigns. Hence, you should utilize the services of email verification software.

2. Actionable insights and great segmentation

An invalid email catalogue will not provide information on actionable insights. This information is relevant in planning for future strategies of engagement. Moreover, this information helps in boosting profits from your investments. A verified email catalogue will inform you of the people who are active and have used your companies products or services. The valid list also helps you to plan a marketing strategy on how to increase customers. As a result, you can be able to send them more personalized emails offering incentives and updates on recent products or services.

3. Enhanced sender’s reputation 

If you have a high bounce rate, many email service providers will blacklist you. This will destroy your reputation by labelling you as a spammer. Consequently, your business will deteriorate because you will lose clients. Hence, email verification helps to maintain your company’s good reputation among Internet Service Providers (ISP), Email Service Provider (ESP), and clients. Moreover, it helps you to provide excellent products and services, thus increasing clients. For your marketing campaigns to be successful, you should have a verified and updated email catalogue. This will help you to create a good reputation and increase your profits. Therefore, ensure that you use email verification services to maintain and sustain your business reputation.


If you are a person who works in the marketing industry, you will understand the significance of quality content and CRM. These particular qualities improve marketing campaigns, thus boosting results. Furthermore, email verification is a crucial pillar that helps in email marketing. This is because it helps one to reach more people. This increases clients, thus boosting investment returns. A pristine email catalogue is essential for you to maintain and improve your business’s return on Investment. 

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