Verify Email With Ease – Top 3 Bulk Email Validation API

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Verify email with ease using bulk email validation API

Email verification is the go-to tool for cleaning your email list. The quality of your email list is important for better email marketing campaigns.

With a bad email list, you won’t be getting good returns on investment from your email marketing efforts.

To take help of email verification services is always a good idea to verify email list and keep it in a healthy state.

How to verify email list?

  1. Real-time Email Verification through API
  2. Bulk Email Verification
  3. Bulk Email Verification through API

Verify Email with real-time email verification API

Using real-time email verification API helps in validating the email right before it gets into your list.

Email Validation API checks the quality of the emails at the point of entry, i.e. Sign-up, Opt-in or check-out forms.

Real-time email verification API detects and eliminates all invalid, disposable, fake, and mistyped (intentional or accidental) email accounts from getting into your email list.

Keeping away with invalid accounts saves dollars on email marketing, thanks to email verification API.

Our Top 5 Picks In Email Verification Through API
Vendor Free API/month Starting Price Accuracy
NeverBounce 1000/month $4 95.68%
MailboxValidator 300/month $30 95.29%
EmailChecker $14 97.19%
EmailListVerify $4 96.69%
TowerData $50 95.08%

Verify email with bulk email verification

No matter how hard you have been trying to maintain the hygiene of the email list, it decays over the period.

Once your email list grows, it becomes important to clean your email list on a timely basis.

Bulk email verification is verifying the entire email list at once. Email verification service will check your file, and give back the list of valid emails accounts that will be safe to send.

Verifying email list before email marketing solves email deliverability issues like hard and soft bounces. Here is the list of 25+ free email verifier to save you some bucks.

Our Top 5 Picks In Bulk Email Verification
Vendor Free Credits Starting Price Accuracy
ZeroBounce 100 credits one time $35 98.99%
Xverify 100 credits one time $5 98.98%
QuickEmailVerification 100 credits every day $4 98.09%
EmailChecker 50 credits one time $14 97.19%
HuBuCo 100credits every day $7 97.17%

Verify email with bulk email validation API

Bulk email validation API validates email in batches without any manual process involved.

Bulk email validation API is for frequent consumers like high volume email marketers that do not want to get involved in manual managing, uploading and downloading of files.

How Bulk Email Validation API Works

Bulk email validation automizes the entire email verification process. The bulk email validation API has to be programmed to specify the location of the email list, the API gets a call and start its process of email verification.

Our Top 3 Picks In Bulk Email Validation API
Vendor Starting Price Accuracy
ZeroBounce $35 98.99%
HuBuCo $7 97.17%
EmailChecker $14 97.19%

Here is the more details about bulk email validation API from the leading email verifier.

  • ZeroBounce
  • With ZeroBounce you will get best accuracy and 24*7*365 customer support. Considering the level of customer-support ZeroBounce is second to none. With its military-grade encryption, ZeroBounce has garnered 23500+ active accounts.

  • HuBuCo
  • Hubuco is the trusted British company with its blazing fast servers hosted in the EU. HuBuCo saves time with its fastest email verification API, that is made more impressive with amazing pricing plans for its regular users.

  • EmailChecker
  • EmailChecker is one of the very few email verifiers that is capable of verifying Yahoo email accounts accurately. EmailChecker provides real-time API for the best possible accuracy. The list verification API integrates seamlessly and automates the file sending and retrieval process.

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