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Is there a known and maintained list of spam traps ?

Is there any list for spam traps, like we have for spam triggering words?

spam traps

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Dan Straton
Dan Straton answered 3 years ago

Yes, of course you find lists that will let you know many spam traps that exists. Spam traps are a spam prevention method created by ISPSs and blacklist providers to lure in spammers and block them. A spam trap, sometimes referred to as a honeypot, will appear to be a real email address that belongs to a real person, but it isn't. Lawful senders who don't maintain good email hygiene or use poor list building strategies can raise a red flag, too. For this not to happen, you can use an email validation service like Zerobounce.

They will help you keep your list clean and in this way, you will avoid bounces that will ruin your sending reputation and also get blacklisted.