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Free Bulk Email Verifier For Small Business?

Which bulk email verifier should I sign-up for if there is a regular need for validating emails for a small scale e-commerce store? (Ideally 35-40 emails each day)

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5 Answers

Martin W
Martin W answered 10 months ago

I invite you to check out mailfloss for your use case. The advantage of mailfloss is it handles the bulk email verification for you automatically. All you have to do is connect your Email Service Provider and set some preferences. You only have to do this once, it takes 60 seconds, and requires zero developers. The lite plan will cover you for 10,000 emails per month and only costs $17/month.

I invite you to check out the plans at

Joey Lockwood
Joey Lockwood answered 10 months ago

At you can purchase 1000 Verification tokens for $7 USD and use those tokens to run your 35-40 emails per day until they run out. You can even invest in a larger package if you want to get an even greater discount. You can find out more here.

Proofy Team
Proofy Team answered 10 months ago

You can use for your goals in bulk email verification and API verification with promo code 35% R18HE27T35P1

Iman Hejazi
Iman Hejazi answered 10 months ago

DeBounce is the most affordable in market starting from $0.0003 per check. Moreover, you will receive 100 free credits once you sign up. See pricing here:

Mailbox Validator
Mailbox Validator answered 10 months ago

MailboxValidator has the BULK-1 plan for $19.95 and that will give you 1000 bulk validations to use within 30 days.