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What is the cheapest bulk email verification service online?

Is it really mandatory to verify the list before sending bulk emails?

I have just started a business and as you know spending higher budget for the startup is quite risky. I want to spend limited bucks for email marketing campaign for now (Once I get some success, I can definitely spend much more).

I heard about email list cleaning from many people. If this is really mandatory, can someone please let me know the cheapest provider with good quality?

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5 Answers

Marcus G.
Marcus G. answered 2 years ago

Hey, good question. First off all let me tell you that you heard very right. Email Verification is very necessary if you are a bulk email marketer. If you are asking about the cheapest verification service, it is MyEmailVerifier. I personally use it and it provides you free credits up to 10K. I don't know about any other vendors providing that much free credits. If you have any further doubts, visit the blog related to Top Email Checker services compared. It has detailed information on the best verification services out there.

Bharti Jain
Bharti Jain answered 3 years ago

Here is the latest comparison of the top 10 email verification service according to list cleaning advice. Let's take** 5000 credits **as the requirement and see what it would cost you at different email verifiers -

  1. MyEmailVerifier: One-time purchase $21. Subscription - NA.
  2. QuickEmailVerification: One-time purchase $35. Subscription - NA.
  3. Clearout: One-time purchase $25. Subscription - $20
  4. MailboxValidator: One-time purchase $39.95. Subscription - NA
  5. Blazeverify: One-time purchase $25. Subscription - $22.50
  6. ZeroBounce: One-time purchase $39. Subscription - $35
  7. Verifalia: One-time purchase $150. Subscription - NA
  8. Debounce: One-time purchase $10. Subscription - NA
  9. NeverBounce: One-time purchase $40. Subscription - $49
  10. Bouncer: One-time purchase $12.50. Subscription - NA

My personal advice - do look at the features and accuracy level before going with a tool just based on the pricing. For example- some tools offer accuracy above 98% and have capability to determine catch-alls, disposables while others don't. Good luck

Stan answered 4 years ago

Here is a list of 10 most cheap email verification services

Deliverbility: $5 (For 100K Verification)

DeBounce: $15 (For 100K Verification)

Bouncer: $20 (For 100K Verification)

MailFloss: $20 (For 100K Verification)

Emailmarker: $21 (For 100K Verification)

MyEmailVerifier: $21.6 (For 100K Verification)

EmailListVerify: $24 (For 100K Verification)

HuBuCo: $28.2 (For 100K Verification)

Blaze Verify: $29 (For 100K Verification)

Catalina Mihai
Catalina Mihai answered 5 years ago

Hi there,

Is it really mandatory to verify the list before sending bulk emails? Is not mandatory to validate the email list but is highly recommended. On the “long run” is better to have high quality emails in your list (with a better open rate, click rate and in the end ROI), then to have a big list with low numbers.

As for the cheap part, I recommend you to give Verifalia a try - great prices, amazing service (they even have a free plan designed mostly for startups like yours).

Rinkal Lalani
Rinkal Lalani answered 6 years ago

Hey Rushel,

First of all, I would like to wish you good luck for your new endeavor!

Yes, it is necessary to verify your email address. It will be very helpful to decrease bounce rate of emails as well as your business email reputation. So, I suggest, you should validate email address for your company email reputation.

Have you heard about QuickEmailVerification? They have the lowest cost I've ever found and the fastest verification speed:$0.0005 per email. They also give a great discounts to big email lists,

For more details please check their website here.

Your strategy is starting with cheap plan is good for your startup business. You can upgrade to other service providers to get more and more effective features.