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How can I stop my emails from landing in spam folders?

I am a business owner; I noticed some of my emails are landing in my customers' spam folders. This is not only frustrating but also harmful to my business reputation. Can anyone advise me on how to prevent my emails from being marked as spam and ensure they are delivered to my customers' inboxes?

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2 Answers

QuickEmailVerification answered 10 months ago
  • Have a proper DKIM & SPF records setup.
  • Avoid SPAM keywords in your email.
  • Verify your email list before sending them.
Jerry Nicholas
Jerry Nicholas answered 1 year ago

Nowadays, in email marketing, we often feel that our emails are not getting received by the target customers, but they got delivered! Strange, but yes, we don't receive any bounce back, but that email gets landed in the spam folders of our customers and audience. So how can we make our emails not fall into our customer's spam folders? Here are a few tips which can prevent you from this danger.

  1. Use proper subject line - We often use the subject line, which is either too long or contains more sales-oriented words, which makes the email fall into the receiver's spam folder.
  2. Avoid spammy words - When you use spammy words or content, it is directly considered a spammy email, like Buy now, Shop now, Free, Discount, Make money, etc.
  3. Avoid using multiple hyperlinks - If you use hyperlinks more than 2-3 times, it is more likely to consider a spammy email.
  4. Use email verification services - Before sending emails to your list, ensure your email list is verified and all your users can receive the email you are supposed to send. You can use email verification tools like MyEmailVerifier, Zerobounce, Bouncer, etc.
  5. Use proper IP - When you send an email from a poor reputation IP address, there is a high chance that your emails might be considered spammy and fall into the spam folder.
  6. Scrub your email list regularly - Regularly, you need to check and monitor your email open rate and engagement rate. Based on that, you need to scrub your email list by removing the inactive users from that list.

You can avoid dropping your emails into the spam folder using these tips.