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Is there a way to check if the email address exists or not?

I'm launching a new email marketing campaign for my business. I'm busy building my email list, but I want to make sure my messages reach actual people and that any of the emails added to my list are not invalid or typos. Is there a way to verify all these email addresses before I send out my campaigns?

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3 Answers

Cristian Dimitriu
Cristian Dimitriu answered 1 week ago

Verifying email addresses before sending out your campaigns is a good practice to ensure that your messages reach actual people and to reduce the likelihood of bounces. Using a combination of syntax checks, domain checks, and professional email verification services will help you maintain a clean and effective email list. If you are handling a large volume of emails, using a dedicated service is the most efficient and accurate method.

We recommend sending campaigns within 72 hours after the validation since emails can change their status very fast and you use some deliverability tools in order to make sure there are no issues on your server-side that can cause bounces.

You can create a free account on ZeroBounce and you will get access to our Freemium service (up to 100 free email validations each month) in order to test our services.

Radek Kaczynski
Radek Kaczynski answered 2 weeks ago

There are some ways to check if an email address exists or not, and it's crucial to do so before launching your email marketing campaign. By verifying your email list, you can ensure that your messages reach real people and avoid the pitfalls of sending emails to invalid addresses or those with typos.

One effective solution is to use Bouncer, an email verification service that helps you clean and maintain a high-quality email list. Here are some of the key functions of Bouncer:

Bouncer checks the validity of email addresses in your list. It identifies whether an email address is deliverable, undeliverable, or risky.

Bulk Verification: You can upload your entire email list in one go, and Bouncer will process it efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Detailed Reporting: Bouncer provides detailed reports on the verification results, including reasons for undeliverability, which helps you understand and manage your email list better.

GDPR and SOC2 Compliance: Bouncer ensures data privacy and is compliant with GDPR and SOC2 regulations, providing peace of mind when handling sensitive customer data.

Bouncr Shield [Coming Soon], which will protect your forms from outdated or malicious email addresses in real time - letting in only valuable data.

Learn more at and try it for free!

Nida Mohsin
Nida Mohsin answered 2 weeks ago

To ensure your email marketing campaign reaches valid contacts and to avoid invalid or typo-filled email addresses, you can use Clearout's solutions in two ways:

  1. Form Validation:

    • Clearout JS Widget: This widget validates email addresses before a form is submitted, ensuring you capture only valid leads. By integrating the Clearout JS Widget into your forms, you can verify email addresses in real-time, preventing invalid emails from entering your database.
    • Benefits: Increases the quality of your email list, reduces bounce rates, and improves campaign effectiveness.
  2. List Building:

    • Clearout Prospecting via Clearout LinkedIn Chrome Extension: This tool helps you build your email list by adding leads with pre-verified email addresses and phone numbers directly from LinkedIn.
    • Benefits: Ensures the contact information is accurate and valid, saving you time and enhancing the efficiency of your email campaigns.

By using these tools, you can significantly improve the quality of your email marketing efforts and ensure your messages reach the right audience. For more information, check out the Clearout LinkedIn Chrome Extension and the Clearout JS Widget.