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What's the best Bulk Email verification service?

What should we consider for any provider to call it as THE BEST bulk email verification service provider?

If someone provides services at low cost, it is not the best because we need to look at other features as well. So, what other things are to be considered to call someone as the best email verification provider?

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3 Answers

Dmytro Karpenko
Dmytro Karpenko answered 6 years ago

I use this email verifier Quickly, conveniently, reliably.

Dmytro Karpenko
Dmytro Karpenko answered 6 years ago

I think this is the best way to data cleansing

Rinkal Lalani
Rinkal Lalani answered 6 years ago

Of Course you are right i agree with you, we can not decide this service provider whether good or not with respect to cost. There are many features which provided by different vendors that indicates them to good provider.That are :

- Accuracy: That is most important factor to check best provider. It shows how many percentage resultant data is correct.

- Turnaround Time : It shows how many time taken to validate email address. Its depends on size of email address list.

- Customer support : For build good relationship with consumer, customer support is too helpful. You should check that which type of customer support channel they provided and how they give response.

- Advance Mechanism: You should check that whether their system detects role based account, bad domain, Invalid IP address, Disposable email address, Spam seeds etc. or not.

From all above point, you can easily differentiate service provider based on features compared on website homepage.