Best Call to Action Examples

The call for action should be the last convincing impetus for conversion on a landing page. After a magnetic headline attracts the reader, a skimmable copy presents the advantages of converting and interacting media tangibles the offer; the only thing left for the visitor to do is encourage action.

However, rather than using a CTA that makes the page more convincing, many designers miss the chance and rely on uninspired copies such as “submit,” “sign up,” and “subscribe.”

Today, we present call-to-action examples from the landing page that increase the bar, using convincing principles that increase the conversion rate.

What is a Call to Action?

An action call or CTA is an interactive marketing campaign part that supports your audience immediately. Digital marketing tools are extremely important, enabling your audience to say you are ready to move from marketing to the next step.

Your CTA is the next natural step to bring your audience together when your brand has taken its case and won over its audience.

We’ll show you just how.

CTAs can take the form of the registration form, subscription boxes, lead generation, downloading eBooks, social sharing, as well as a ‘buy now’ button.

They can be displayed in an email, social media, web pages, radio jingles, or video copies.

They enable users to get their audience involved and demand immediate action in order to be missed (FOMO). The next step to learn or buy a product or service is an attempt for the audience. The establishment of an effective call to action leads to increased commitment and, therefore, better conversion rates and lasting relationships with customers.

Think of it as the line between rebound and transformation.

But why go deep regarding CTAs?

CTAs are so important for your audience to take action and the next steps. In principle, you can include a CTA with your audience in all forms of communication. On pages like the privacy policy, you do not necessarily have to add an invitation since these are not the exact pages for action.

Call to action buttons are usually on the homepage, services page, social network ads, and blog posts where visitors will most likely answer an action call.

How Will You Write a Call to Action?

So how do you appeal successfully? Well, there are a few simple steps to consider before you take action. Everything begins with these tips for marketing:

  • Do not request information that a potential customer may not want to share (like their private email address)
  • Ask for minimal information.
  • Ensure you can contact the customer by CTA (email or phone number)
  • Keep your action call brief. Nobody wants to spend too much time completing a form, particularly for blog posts.
  • Continue your action call briefly.

What is the Best CTA (Call to Action)?

You do not just need a big copy to write a great appeal to action but also a multiplicity of factors that match your marketing campaigns. It will not work everywhere with the tired ‘Get Started’ or ‘Free Trial’ line.

A. No Obligation Statement

Try to get your call to action as smooth as possible. The more steps you add, the more barriers to actually acting on that call are created for the user or visitor. For example, if only an email address can help you achieve the desired results, requesting a telephone number, name, email address, and other data would generate unnecessary friction. Don’t link obligations or compulsory steps that would prevent the user from responding to the call. Furthermore, ensure that users or visitors know that if you take action on a call, they are not bound by anything.

B. Smart Content

What is intelligent content, and how do you implement a CTA?

Intelligent content lets your audience create CTAs. For this, marketing tools such as Hubspot are great. Intelligent content or intelligent CTA allows you to target the public of your website based on:

  • Language
  • Location
  • Device type
  • Demographics
  • Referral source
  • Previous visits and downloads

Why does that matter? Well, individual requests are much more efficient than generic suggestions. This also enables you to develop a relationship with each audience bracket.

Indeed, 202% more intelligent CTAs convert from generic CTAs (HubSpot)

C. Relevance

Imagine a website teaser hitting you, offering additional information if you click on the button only. The promise of additional information is attractive, which leads you to the end.

See this T. c. pharma ad campaign.

You know that the product is an energy drink and it’s very popular as well.

Two CTA options are also available – to give the public the freedom to learn more about the products as they want.

After you have entered your brand and service or product, the best appeals are those your readers could look into and say, “yes, I want to become more involved.” This call appears in the right place at the right time and is a natural step to discover your brand in a sequential way.

Essentially, these CTAs will make your audience take action!

D. Evoke a Sense of Urgency

How will your audience be encouraged to click on your CTAs? You use your brand’s language. A sense of non-obligation must be expressed, but a sense of lack if action is not taken immediately.

Nothing is more off-putting than nagging, but nothing more frustrating than missing a lot. Creating a FOMO sense encourages your audience to follow suit.

CTAs promising service easiness and speed are excellent examples that appeal to every audience.

Please check this IKEA CTA below:

The placement and simplicity of the copy are small but eye-catching.

It has two parts to the CTA:

  1. The action (Order today)
  2. The benefit (for next day Click & Collect*)

Note how the schedule (next day) was placed in the copy? This gives your audience the feeling that a day awaits them when they get their product or service. The audience has a real and reliable sense of your brand.

Neil Patel found, however, that his conversions decreased by 17% when his blog KISSmetriks placed the CTA on the fold.

If your CTAs are below your description, your audience will take more action for brands that are not so well-known as household names like IKEA – they have been introduced to you.


Indeed, 202% better than generic CTAs are smart CTAs as per. HubSpot.

After all, you want to understand your target audience – not be switched off by the flowery type of language.

And if your audience knows what they are offered through clear messages, they increase their sense of trust and respect, as it shows respect.

While it might be helpful to use jargon and long explanations, they have time and place. CTAs are functional if they are concisely written.

Simple language may be as convincing, if not more in contrast to floral language.

Take this into account: you are a technical company that is organizing your mobile purchase campaign to win free flights to Japan.

You could just read a little more like ‘Start drawing now’ instead of writing something too lengthy like “Japan awaits you if you enter our store and purchase the latest mobile phone.”

Your audience can make an informed decision by clearly stating your intentions. In turn, you can improve your conversion rate. This, in turn.

Smart, right?

Great Call to Action Examples

Lead Generation Call to Action Buttons

These are CTAs that allow users to register to create a warm lead that can be monitored via email or Facebook advertising. This kind of action call generally involves a leading magnet like a free trial offer which is a great way to involve the user.


Klientboost encourages visitors to subscribe to their weekly newsletter successfully by means of a well-designed pop-up that clearly highlights a CTA. This is a different option for generating leads.


Let’s look at this Trello landing page.

The call for action is simple, audacious, and effective, and the CTA is the most striking thing when it’s located right at the center of your eyes. Note that the color of the rest of the page is also very different? The copy of the action call is also divided into two parts, which are likely to follow the thinking process of your audience.

  1. Ninety percent of the audience will return to the CTA once the description has been read, where they will be able to ‘sign up for free – in other words, participate in the product.
  2. Despite the fact that many companies offer free services, this CTA has blasted the next possible question of the audience: the financial engagement to this service. After they know that they can sign up for it and that it is free, they will probably be freer to decide.

Note how the CTA does not ask for a username or password at first glance (you’re going to another page where Trello asks for these details when you click the registration button)?

This is a conscious choice to make it as simple and straightforward as possible – and it works!


Klientboost encourages its website visitors successfully to sign up for a weekly newsletter via a well-designed pop-up that clearly shows a CTA. This is another option for generating leads.


Two CTAs are used for the famous payment service on its website and are composed of an attractive design and an easy copy. It also allows its visitors to explore if they have not yet committed themselves.

e-Commerce Call to Action Examples

If you want to sell a product or service via a website in e-commerce, the CTA must be attractive and ideal to ensure that visitors are tempted to buy the product or service. One of the main marketing tips relating to CTA is to keep calling sweet and short.


For many e-commerce sites, this particular CTA is working well by tempting visitors to save money. It essentially highlights the advantage of placing an order now, creating a sense of urgency instead of waiting.

Affiliate/Referral Program Call to Action Examples

Submissions and affiliate programs, through brand ambassadors and customers who believe in their product or service, may help your business to sell more. Adding a special CTA to them can be an effective way in which loyal customers can add revenue.


The well-known music streaming service smartly places both of its call-to-action cases with greater emphasis on clear-cut ‘get premium’ CTA, which is also free.


The custom clothing brand puts the referral CTA directly in the navigation pane, the tempting CTA copy being the “Get $25” button. This ensures that interested customers examine the offer and enterprise.

Thrive Causemetics

This brand uses sustainable production methods and organic manufacturing materials. As customers want to get behind the cause, they can also give them a discount of ten dollars to their friends and family.

1950 Collective

The navigation pane of the CTA says “ambassadors” again. You can maximize your sales by bringing your loyal clients to the top because the brand is renowned.

CTAs for Social Media Ads

As you spend money on social media ads, you need outstanding CTAs that can increase the likelihood of conversion. You can handle various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram here.

Dollar Shave Club

You can use Instagram with a combination of great visuals and advertising copies. See how Dollar Shave Club makes an affordable deal to its Instagram audience.

Design Pickle

Social media audiences don’t want to read anything for long or boring, so Design Pickle comes straight. The CTA says exactly what the Facebook ad service offers.


Starbucks, by contrast, relies more on serene visuals and a simple and up-to-date CTA copy, ‘Swipe Up to Try.’ It recalls a feeling of curiosity.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond appear to be a clickable button, using smart formatting in their emails, which increases the possibilities of conversions.

CTAs for Email Campaigns

Email is among the most tested and efficient marketing tools in your arsenal and without impactful CTAs that force your readers to act.


Using colors, contrasting and a curiosity-evocating copy such as “see how” make the Call to Action stand out can result in positive results for your email campaign.


Since email can be quite clunky and crowded, you can use the negative white space as an advantage to separate the CTA, just as SXSW does with its email campaigns.

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