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What are the 5 email marketing trends to act on in 2018?

A question focusing on the most up-to-date trends people should consider and execute in their businesses to maintain customer retention and generate leads.

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Rinkal Lalani
Rinkal Lalani answered 6 years ago

Email marketing continues to be one of the top performing strategies in marketers technology. That means changes are necessary for this year.

Here are Top 5 email marketing trend predictions in 2018:

  • Consumer Security: In 2018, a major point of email marketing is Privacy policy. Every marketer wants their client data must be secure. So, that they should use privacy shield framework.

  • Segmentation: The idea of target to particular data have to send to particular sender is not new. When you create custom automation of series for all newsletter subscriber regarding their needs, interests or characteristics, segmentation is major point in current marketing strategy. So, marketers have to check that all receiver get email with their interest.

  • Success: This is not a new concept. When marketers use bulk email message for customer interaction, all email address should be correct. For that, use best email lookup service providers.

  • ** Visuals: **As mentioned, interactivity within the email will important factor during 2018. This means marketers need to use the new visual effect in their message. In 2018, we will use more GIFs, HTML5 and video include in email message to engage recipients.

  • ** Email interactive:** For marketing strategy, you have to check your email automation timing should be accurate means check that email must be sent in particular duration because irregular timing can make your subscribers feel uncomfortable and cause complaints about your services.