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Importance of email verification

Why should I verify my mailing list? Is it really important?

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Rinkal Lalani
Rinkal Lalani answered 3 years ago

Great question! It is really important to verify your mailing list. If you think that you have a long list of emails (Unverified emails) and this is a very helpful key to your successful campaign, then at that point you are just half right.

There are so many reasons for the existence of invalid emails like the following:

  • Person changed email
  • The person changed the job
  • Mail domain is expired
  • Service of email providers is dead

Above are main causes of invalid emails. Now, I will discuss the main three reasons why you have to verify emails:

Increase delivery rate: If your email address list contains only valid emails, more emails will be delivered and more effective your campaign will work. You will spend your time and money for the real emails only.

Better conversion rate: If your list contains an only valid list, your delivery rate will be increased and your conversion rate will also be increased with good open and click-through rate.

Better sender reputation: If you continuously send email to the invalid addresses, your bounce rate will be increased and ultimately your sender reputation goes down. But, with the valid email list, you will have a better reputation.

Now, you will have a clear idea as to why verification is important. You must be thinking how to do that. There are so many vendors that verify a list of email addresses with different techniques. If you want to compare their features, you are at the right place for getting suitable verifier as per your requirement. You can find the great comparison with analytics view at

Good luck!