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What can be done with Catchall email accounts?

After validating the email database, we found a lot of catchall email accounts. Should it be completely ignored or we should continue mailing them?

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Tamas Szabo
Tamas Szabo - Best Answer answered 4 years ago

What is Catch all?

The email server has been set to receive all emails whether email address exists or not. Emails sent to ‘catch all’s might be delivered to a different email address, or might not be read at all. Additionally, in some cases emails sent to catch all domains might bounce. Many businesses use catch all servers.

Should I email catch all?

If you only want to send emails to 100% existing email addresses you may not want to use catch all. However, if your goal is to maximise conversion you may want to send an email to catch all email addresses too.

**Are they going to bounce? **

Generally speaking Catch All and Unknown emails are more likely to be existing emails than invalid.

  • If these subscribers have just subscribed to your email list, I suggest you send them an email.
  • If these subscribers are on one of your old lists, and you haven’t sent them an email in the past 3 months, I suggest you don’t send them an email, as they might bounce back.

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GP answered 3 years ago

If your bounce rate is well maintained (say < 3%) then would recommend to reach out all the catch-all email addresses, since most likely the catch-all addresses won't be bounced. Checkout Clearout it helps to segment the verified result based on the statuses and can be easily export back to ESP to run campaigns

Joey Lockwood
Joey Lockwood answered 4 years ago

The best option would be to speak with your ESP (email service provider) about setting up what is known as a reengagement campaign. You can send the campaign not only to the Catch-all emails but the indeterminate ones as well. This will tell you once and for all if the emails are deliverable and if they are still interested in being part of your campaign emails. You can find out more here: