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What is the main perspective of E-mail Marketing

What exactly the Email Marketing is? I want to know email marketing in detail.

Can anyone please explain this? Also, please let me know what should I consider to get success in email marketing.

E-mail marketing

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Rinkal Lalani
Rinkal Lalani answered 5 years ago

Hello Xami,

It’s too interesting question!

Email marketing is also known as Internet marketing, web marketing, Digital marketing. Email marketing is act to send commercial email to group of people.Nowadays, email marketing is used in variety of ways. It uses to promote of products and Services via email. promotion of products and services via email.A good quality email generates both sales and brand awareness.

Below some factors that should help guide more successful email marketing campaigns:

  • Permission: The most important factor of email marketing is to get permission from audience before contacting them.

  • Distribution: Distribution is really important to know right message to reaching the right person. Do not send same content to all subscriber. You have to segment content as customer interests.

  • Timing : Timing is most critical point relate to email marketing. You have to send email in particular duration but irregular timing can make your subscribers feel uncomfortable and cause complaints for your services.

  • Success: After sending mail, it should be deliver to right place. For that you have to validate email address.There are so many vendors provide service to validate email address.

  • Testing : Testing is too important factor of Email marketing.A/B script is useful for testing email.

I hope these answer is provided to insights on how to make your campaigns make successful with email marketing.