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How can email marketing help a new business to grow?

I just started my new business and thought about growing my business, increasing the traffic, and spread awareness. Most people suggested that I go with email marketing, but no one can explain how it works. Can anyone explain to me how email marketing can help a business to grow?

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Crina Maria Mitrenca
Crina Maria Mitrenca answered 1 month ago

With email marketing, you can build a strong relationship with your customers, you can create smart content, and cut lots of your expenses and time. Let's take email validation as an example, the biggest benefit for your business is the money you save by sending your campaigns to your freshly validated list. Your email list is ever-changing. People leave their positions or change their email addresses all the time. Bad email addresses will slowly jam up your email list. And as you continue sending to these toxic addresses, your marketing costs increase. By regularly maintaining your contact list, you ensure that your business communications are reaching real people.