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What is the best software for email marketing analytics?

Even if you spend thousands of $ in a marketing campaign if you do not have analytics data you can't plan out a proper strategy. Analytics will tell you where exactly you need improvement. I have it well set up for my website and I am seeing good result of it.

Now, my concern is to find how my email marketing campaign is. What I am doing is really worth or not. To know all this, all I need to do is analyze the campaign statistics. Please suggest some best software for email marketing analysis.

Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous answered 4 years ago

Most of the email marketing service provider have this in built tools. You can track open rate, click rate, bounce rate of your campaign. You can also check this stats for any specific region. You can even do A/B testing to check by sending 2 different email templates to different region or gender. Through this stats you can analyze your campaign and how it is going.

Some of the best email service provider are MailChimp, Mailigen, AWeber