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What is Email Sender Reputation? and How to measure it?

I want to know about Email Sender Reputation and want to check it. Please help me with that.

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Anonymous answered 5 months ago

Email Sender reputation is a score from your email provider that is attached to your IP or domain, it is basically the reputation of a user of an email, how well they behave and if they are not pushing too much the system. The best practice to keep you safe is first to send your campaign only to a clean email list ( you can do that by validating your list), and send emails to them with a good template. If some emails mark you as spam or bounce, eliminate them from your list. They can damage your reputation if you keep sending emails to these addresses.

Marcus G.
Marcus G. answered 5 months ago

Basically, email sender reputation is a score that your email provider gives you based on the number of spam complaints, opt-out requests, and other incidents they've received with your particular email address. Higher the score, the better reputation.

Here are a few tips for improving your email sender reputation:

  1. Clean your email list
  2. Send relevant and timely emails.
  3. Avoid sending spammy or promotional emails.
  4. Respond to customer complaints promptly and resolve any issues.
  5. Keep track of how customers are responding to your emails, and make adjustments as needed.
  6. Make sure your emails are interesting and well-written.

Some third-party tools help you track your email sender reputation:

  • BarracudaCentral - 95% spam accuracy rate
  • Google Postmaster Tools - Your email reputation at
  • Microsoft SNDS - Your email reputation at
  • TrustedSource - Email reputation system by McAfee
  • - Free email reputation checker
  • MailTester - It provides a very detailed report

I hope you've got the answer.