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What are the types of Bulk Email verification service ?

1 Answers

Rinkal Lalani
Rinkal Lalani answered 6 years ago

Hey Md tutul,

There are two main ways to validate email address.

Custom procedure: In this procedure,email addresses verify in two different methods.

  • Re-typo method- This method helps to detect spell mistake.

  • Double opt-in method: As the name suggests, you should check email with double opt-in method means you validate email address with two different level of confirmation.

Latest Procedure: Nowadays, bulk email validation service providers follow this validate technique.That are:

  1. Syntax checked: First step of validation is syntax checked. It checks all parts of domain : local and domain part as well as spell check also.
  • Role based account: Role based account are not relate to particular person but relate to group, department, team etc..

  • IP address: Ip address is regarding to DNS. Through DNS, they detect IP address of email address.

  • DNS/MX records: From that, they check domain name is valid or not. If they find domain name is wrong or no MX records are there, email address will be removed.

  • Disposal email address: Disposal email address is created by a spammer for very short time duration. Service providers detect that and remove.

  • Real-time verification through API: Email address verifies with API. API is interface.

  • **Final verification:**At the last stage of email verification method, they validate email address with the help of SMTP Protocol.

All service providers verify with these features. These vendors list really help you to provide best service.