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Is there any Self-Hosted Email Verification Software?

Yes, BounceKick is a simple and fast email verifier application that you can install in your own infrastructure. With a one time fee use it for life with your own privacy of data and unlimited email verification.

BounceKick application can be used by Marketers/Agencies/Business who are beliving email database increases the ROI.

Designed and Developed by Maax Market Inc. A company who is established with All-in-Marketing Automation Software MaaxMarket.

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3 Answers

BounceKick answered 4 years ago

Christian Steinbrenner - BounceKick Self-Hosted application can be configured with Multiple Server and IP's which is the next major release of the application.

When its says self-hosted application verified result are instant and it is not going to be from past result taken from database. BounceKick verify each and every email via a domain not through an IP and it does a SMTP check to the appropriate domain server to make sure the given email is valid or not.

Christian Steinbrenner
Christian Steinbrenner answered 4 years ago

Running a self-hosted solution has a wide variety of issues and isn't worth it. What is the reason you're looking to do this?

Also, BounceKick while self-hosted says it can run your email verification solution with only one server. This will be very slow and very unreliable. Verification companies are running hundreds of servers to do the verification process reliably and accurately.

GP answered 4 years ago

Check out it has support for both Cloud and Self-hosted solutions. Clearout comes with 20+ validation checks to determine the status of the email address with the record maintaining fastest verification time with highest in the accuracy

Clearout comes with an intuitive & clean interface to verify the list of any size from across major ESPs and CRMs or via Direct upload. Major BFSI companies choose Clearout as their solution partner for two main reasons data accuracy and security.