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Does my senders reputation gets hurt if i don't use bulk email verification software?

How email list verification affects my sender reputation and why?

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4 Answers

Marcus G.
Marcus G. answered 3 years ago

The sender reputation score is a score that defines our domain reputation. It is very important to prevent us from getting a low reputation score when you are running a marketing campaign Because when you don't use any email verification service, you face email deliverability issues. If you continuously send undelivered emails, your sender score affects and your domain gets a bad reputation.

If you don't want to end up in spam folder, you have to verify your email list before sending emails. If you are willing to use email verifiers and have difficulty which service to choose, visit Top 10 Verifiers list so that you can get more information.

GP answered 4 years ago

Sender reputation is a score assigned to a sender based on the quality of email campaigns, their frequency, massiveness, and user interaction.

By taking advantage of Clearout's Guaranteed Deliverables the resultant email addresses will guarantee hit the mailbox thus by removing all hard bounces, soft bounces, spam-trap, disposables, so the more proactive with email verification will help avoid hurting the sender reputation.

BounceKick answered 4 years ago

The sender email reputation is always based on the domain and its emails reputation. You must always careful to keep your email scores higher. If you keep sending emails to an Undelivered, Spam, Risky, Invalid emails your email score will go low. So when ever you send email to the recipients it may land to spam box instead of inbox. If you are doing bulk emailing then its always recommended to verify the list before sending out an email blast.

Choose a Best Email Verification Software BounceKick. It has an Self-Hosted and SaaS model of deployments.

Anonymous answered 4 years ago

By verifying/validating your email list before sending out a campaign you can identify which of them should be used (valid) and which would end up resulting in bounces(damaging your sending reputation).

A high amount of bounces will result in damaging your sending reputation and end up getting you blacklisted, and it will prevent you from launching future campaigns.

It is highly important for any email marketer to maintain good email hygiene, thus a healthy reputation. Also using a highly accurate service such as Zerobounce lowers the risk of encountering unwanted bounces.