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Is there any benefits of cleaning email list?

Is there any other benefits of cleaning the email list apart from getting invalid and do not send email addresses? What will happen if i send emails without cleaning my email list?

clean up email list

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GP answered 4 years ago

Cleaning of list help in many ways

  1. Save Cost and Improve ROI Emails validated through Clearout generate superior quality result as it let’s you know the valid emails that are guaranteed to hit the user inbox. Refrain from paying for invalid emails, which are usually charged by Email Sending Service Providers, & directly increase your ROI.

  2. Protect Sender Reputation FACTS : 30% of the email addresses are either dead, spam or incorrect. A bounce rate above 5% can lead to reputation damage which may result in blocking of IPs & Domains. So, avoid any damage to the Sender’s reputation cleaning email list at regular interval.

  3. Accurate Campaign Insight Invalid emails will never be delivered but still they will be reflected in your campaign stats, thus providing you inaccurate results. Sending valid emails generate less error prone metrics.

  4. Improve deliverability - Just by not sending to invalid addresses

  5. Help audience segmentation based on business/free email account

If you are not cleaning the list at regular interval, very likely your will face issue with the above mentioned points

Dan Straton
Dan Straton answered 4 years ago

There are a lot of benefits from cleaning your list of emails. Here are some examples:

  • Your deliverability will be improved
  • You will have a low bounce rate
  • Saving money and improving ROI
  • Enhanced reputation
  • More accurate statistics