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Which email address should be verified?

Do I need to verify all emails on my email list or just verify the doubtful emails?

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3 Answers

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

All emails should be validated.

Your email list is ever-changing. People leave their positions or change their email addresses all the time. They may also (sometimes intentionally) mis-enter their own contact info. As such, abandoned and inaccurate email addresses will slowly jam up your email list. And as you continue sending to these toxic addresses, your marketing costs increase. That’s where proper email list validation comes in. By regularly maintaining your contact list, you ensure that your business communications are reaching real people.

Also, unfortunately, there is a wrong perception among marketers, that once your list is verified you are done with list cleaning for a long while or even for good. Not really. Addresses on your list go obsolete all the time! It is estimated that over 20% of all emails expire every year! That is why list cleaning should be a repetitive activity, that you will need to do over a specific period.

If the value proposition of your business is targeted at other companies, you will need to clean your email lists more often. That is because b2b email lists tend to expire more frequently than b2c. People change jobs, therefore emails that were valid in your last campaign might now hard bounce.

Main benefits for validating your list: Lower mailing costs Better reputation Better leads More accurate statistics Ability to personalize Proactive approach

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

Every email and full email list should always be verified. It’s always better to validate your existing email lists frequently as well as your new email lists.

Some people verify only new emails, which is good, of course, but does not eliminate the risk completely. You should always verify new email lists, even those purchased or generated from highly trusted sources. You should always validate your existing email lists from time to time to make sure that they’re active.

Email verification is an essential process if you want to build truly effective campaigns.

Add an Email Verification API to your website and implement it on your database right away. Experience all the advantages and disadvantages that it might have. Find out how many invalid email addresses you can identify and how many bounces you can get using email verification tools.

Create reports and perform some statistical analysis to make sure that your email marketing campaign is truly worth it!

GP answered 1 year ago

It is strongly advised to verify an email list before using it for any email campaign, as email addresses are prone to decay over time. Furthermore, email address segregation based on doubtful will not help much; it is preferable to perform email verification in real-time to determine the current status of an email address.