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Why do I need to verify an email list, if I am following double opt-in method for collecting emails?

Is there a need to run my list through an email validation tool, while I am following best practices for collecting and building my email list?

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3 Answers

Alex James
Alex James - Best Answer answered 4 years ago

You need to verify an email list even though you are using best methods for email collection because an email list starts to get decay the moment you start building it. Many email account in your list will be inactive and will be marked as a spam after certain days of in activities by inbox providers like Gmail or Yahoo.

Such accounts are harmful for your email campaigns and will cause hard bounces. It is advisable to clean email list on regular basis to stop such bad emails populating your mailing list.

Here are some immediate benefits that a clean email list will bring

  • Better engagement rates
  • Lower bounces from email campaigns
  • Lower mailing cost
  • Better return investment
Donald Vizcaino
Donald Vizcaino answered 4 years ago

Using will drastically increase your email marketing ROI by as much as 200% or more.

Donald Vizcaino
Donald Vizcaino answered 4 years ago

Today almost 280 Billion emails messages are sent daily around the world and almost 50% of all email messages end up in SPAM folders. In reality, a large percentage of the 50% of Spam messages are truly valid email communications that should be intended to be delivered to inboxes. The #1 reason you should always validate any existing and new email addresses is because, all it takes is 8 hard bounced emails from one sent email campaign to occur for all your future email communication to start going into Spam folders.