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Got 1200 unknown from list of 8000 emails what should i do ?

I have collected my list through opt-in and social media like Facebook and Twitter, and a list cleaning service is giving an unknown status for 1200 which is a kind of big deal for me! so what should i do? should i get my list checked one more time or try different software?

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2 Answers

Christian Steinbrenner
Christian Steinbrenner answered 4 years ago

The answer above should not be trusted. It clearly is someone posting from ZeroBounce or on their behalf. Nobody authenticate would link "email validator" to their website for any reason besides SEO backlink building.

Anyway, to answer your question, you should upload your list to a service and reverify it. Any reputable service will not charge for Unknowns.

Avoid any service that says they can find Spam Traps since those providers are liars.####

I'd avoid ZeroBounce at all costs. Check out something like BriteVerify or Blaze Verify. I've used both services and was happy with the results. They are honest and I trust my data with them.

Vlad Stoian
Vlad Stoian answered 4 years ago

When it comes to unknown results from it can depend on the service, I would highly recommend validating your list with ZeroBounce, as email validation platforms go ZeroBounce has the lowest "unknowns" of any email validator, a statement which isn't made lightly. And even if you would have unknown results after validation, you are not charged for them and can be re-validated at a later time to see if the results change, a typical case of unknown would be that their server was down.