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Clearout protects data with the SSL 256-bit protocol with an encryption layer and is bound by their privacy policy, so don't worry. They also have a great community where you can find discussions, tips, tutorials, and more. You'll even be able to get quick answers to your questions. Isn't that awesome? It allows you to choose between a one-time or monthly subscription plan based on your email validation frequency, for example, valid, invalid, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and more. It is easy to integrate into your system, so a developer is not required. Their JavaScript verification widget helps you validate emails in real time in all forms. This email checker even offers phone number validation. It eliminates useless phone numbers and reduces your efforts while doing SMS marketing. No other email checker offers this type of service. In terms of overall services, Clearout is the standard email verification company.  


  • Awesome Accuracy
    With 94% accuracy, Clearout ranks 6th in LCA's recommended list of the ten most accurate email verifiers in our March 2023 audit report. So, it has improved its accuracy factor!
  • Guaranteed Deliverables:
    These results should be used within 24 hours from validation to get a 0% bounce rate.
  • Email finding service:
    Clearout also provides an email-finding service for businesses looking to generate quality leads.
  • ClearoutPhone:
    Validate phone numbers with ClearoutPhone
  • Commendable Turnaround Time
    As one of the fastest email verification tools in the industry, Clearout can verify 10K email addresses within 200 minutes. However, the average industry turnaround time is 582 minutes for 10K emails.
  • Customer Support
    Email support and live chat support are available to Clearout customers. Our auditing of the company revealed that its customer service is interactive, live chat responses typically take 10 to 12 minutes and email responses take around 30 minutes. For the technical queries we asked, we received a complete & detailed response.
  • A high level of data security
    Clearout protects users' data with the 256-bit SSL protocol. It also binds to its privacy policy with an access control mechanism.
  • Free Trials & Credits
    Clearout also offers 100 free credits upon successful signup, and they never expire.
  • Easy to Use REST API
    You can easily integrate Clearout's REST API into your platform for quick and bulk email validation, and it is compatible with all programming languages.


  • Slight costly
    Clearout charges $58 for 10K email verification, so it is among the most expensive email verifiers. Despite providing good accuracy at such a low cost, other vendors, such as MyEmailVerifier, DeBounce, etc., can also provide the same or better accuracy for 10K emails at the lowest cost.

Clearout - 18th Most affordable ServiceWhile listing the email verifier services as the least costing placed on top, Clearout stands on the seventh spot.

Number of Email Verifications Cost/Price
500 Email Verifications $3.5
1000 Email Verifications $7
5000 Email Verifications $35
10000 Email Verifications $58
100K Email Verifications $350
500K Email Verifications $850
1M Email Verifications $1100
2M Email Verifications $2200
2.5M Email Verifications $2750
3M Email Verifications $3300
5M Email Verifications $5500
  • If you choose the pay-as-you-go plan, the minimum order value is $21 for 3000 credits.
  • Pricing plans for Clearout are also available on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Get your custom pricing plan by contacting Clearout's support team via live chat or email at [email protected].

Top 10 Most Affordable Email Verification VendorsHere we’ve arranged the top 10 Email Verification Vendors on the basis of how much they charge for verifying 10K emails.

(Cost for 10k Email verification)

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Clearout - Ranked 3rd Regarding Accuracy Percentage

  • Our audit of Clearout's verification accuracy involved checking 200 email addresses of mixed types (valid, invalid, greylisted, role-based, disposable, etc.). Out of these emails, 94% were verified accurately by Clearout, the sixth-highest accuracy we've observed. Here is a more detailed analysis of our results.
Average Industry Standards
Accuracy calculated in our Audit

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Clearout - Accuracy Percentage Detected in Different Email Validations

From our in-depth survey, we've calculated Clearout's accuracy as 89% . You can get profound details in the table below:

Top 10 Overall Most Accurate Email Verification Vendors

Let’s know how does Clearout Accuracy surpasses the Industry standards.

Clearout Accuracy Industry Average
Yahoo 100 0
Hotmail 100 0
Yandex 100 0
AOL 78 0

Clearout - Ranked 9th Fastest in Turnaround time Turnaround time is the time taken by any Email verification service to validate a given number of emails. Lesser the turnaround Time, faster the service is considered

  • Clearout verified 200 emails in 6 minutes.
  • Verifying 10000 email addresses takes about 300 minutes.

Average Industry Standards

Clearout's Turnaround Time

Top 10 Vendors with Fastest Email Verification

(Turnaround Time per 10k Emails)

Integration Options

  • Clean the audience list (contact list) from one or more Mailchimp accounts using Clearout's Mailchimp integration.
  • The Clearout platform integrates with well-known applications such as Hubspot, MailerLite, Moosend, and more.

Advance Features

  • Greylisting Verification: Clearout employs the latest anti-greylisting technologies to detect the real status of email addresses within minutes.
  • Catch-All Detection: Clearout detects and marks catch-all email addresses so you can't add them to your email campaign, increasing deliverability.
  • Syntax Error Identification: Clearout is very good at identifying syntax errors and making your email list clean and accurate. This way, you won't have to worry about your email marketing campaign breaking down because of a small syntax error.
  • Blacklist Verification: With Clearout's blacklist verification feature, you can stay one step ahead of the honeypot.
  • Remove Dots: Removing dots from Gmail addresses prevents you from spending multiple credits over multiple Gmail accounts pointing to the same inbox.
  • Auto-Suggestion: Clearout corrects spelling mistakes and obvious typos made by subscribers while writing email addresses with the auto-suggestion feature. This will prevent your campaign from breaking.
  • Duplicate Removal: Clearout removes all duplicate emails from your email list for free.
  • Disposable Identification: Identification of disposable email addresses: Clearout can identify disposable email addresses precisely.
  • SMTP Validation: Verifying the SMTP providers for every email address in your list determines the active mail server.
  • Spam Trap Detection: Multi-layer spam trap detection: Clearout's multi-layer algorithm identifies email addresses that are likely to be spam traps.
  • Mailbox Quota Verification: To prevent a high bounce rate, Clearout checks whether the mailbox accepts new mail.
  • Free Account Verification: Clearout can easily identify the email addresses of free accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

    In addition to email, live chat, and phone support, Clearout provides excellent customer service.

Major Clients

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Sign up process

  • Signing up with Clearout is simple, but you must provide a phone number and verify your business email address.

App installation required?

  • It is a SaaS-based platform that does not require installation.

Formats for file Upload

  • You can upload your email list in .csv and .xlsx formats

Formats for file Download

  • The verified email list is available in .csv format for download.
  • The Clearout application provides different download options (e.g., Deliverables With Risk, Non-Deliverables, Custom Download, etc.).

Customized / scalable services

  • For a custom quote, contact Clearout's support team.
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Customer Support

  • Respond to emails within 30 minutes.
  • Clearout's customer support is interactive and provides both technical and non-technical information to customers.
  • In Clearout's live chat, you can receive a response within 10 to 15 minutes with excellent details.
  • In addition to email, live chat, and phone support, Clearout provides excellent customer service.
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Clearout Reviews


GP said "One of the best in accuracy and turn around time"


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Clearout is one of the latest entries to the email verification scene. With its robust email verification suite Clearout is one of the fastest and accurate email verifiers. With its GDPR and Privacy policy in place, Clearout can be trusted for cleaning an email list.



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