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With it's 24*7 easily accessible customer support and full refund policy for a dissatisfied customer, EmailMarker is highly customer-centric email verification service that one will ever come across.


  • 24*7 Live chat, Email, and Phone support.
    Full refund policy for dissatisfied customers.


  • Only integrates with MailChimp.
  • Fewer option for downloading the resultant files.
  • High turnaround time.

  Emailmarker - Ranked 5th in Pricing

Number of Email Verifications Cost/Price
1000 Email Verifications $3
5000 Email Verifications $13
10000 Email Verifications $21
100K Email Verifications $161
500K Email Verifications $441
1M Email Verifications $589
2M Email Verifications $999
  • The minimum order value is $3 for 1000 credits. The credit never expires.

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Emailmarker - Ranked 10th in Accuracy

  • EmailMarker claims to provide 97% accurate results. 

  • With excellent email verification accuracy, EmailMarker has maintained its spot in the top bulk email verifier.

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Top 10 Most Accurate Email Verification Vendors

Emailmarker - Multiple Different Validations

Emailmarker Accuracy Vs. Avg. Industry standards

Emailmarker Accuracy Industry Average
Gmail 97 60
Yahoo 100 54
Outlook 100 61
Hotmail 100 61
Yandex 100 62 53 28

Emailmarker - Ranked 10th in Turnaround time

  • EmailMarker does not consume much time in verifying email list with less than 10k records.

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Emailmarker - Ranked 13th in Free Trial

  • EmailMarker offers 150 free email credits - one time.

No Free Email verification available without Signup

One Time 150 verifications available after signup

Credit card Not Required

Integration Options

  • At present Emailmarker provides only one integration option, i.e. MailChimp.

Sign up process

  • Email verification is mandatory for completing the signup process.

App installation required?

  • EmailMarker is a SaaS-based platform, which does not require any download or installation.

Formats for file Upload

  • File formats acceptable for upload are .csv, .xls, .xlsx and .txt.

Format for file Download

  • Resultant file is available for download in .csv and .xlsx format.

  • EmailMarker provides the fewer option for downloading the results - Cleaned email list and original list with email status code.

Customized / scalable services

  • On-demand customized and scalable services are available.
  • Contact EmailMarker's support team for validating email records of more than 2M.
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Customer Support

  • 24*7 support via Live chat, email and phone is available
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Live Chat
Live Chat
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Real-time verification through API

  • Real-time API verification is available in the following languages - PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Node and Go.
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About - Emailmarker

Established in 2012.

Emailmarker is the one of the very few customer-centric, email-cleansing service provider. The 24 hours accessible customer support via live chat, email, and phone is designed for multi-faceted, premium customer service experience. Emailmarker’s policy also holds that a full refund is in order when customers report dissatisfaction from their services.

Emailmarker offers competitive, pricing starting from as low as $3 for 1000 email verification, but the turnaround time for 1000 emails during our audit process was slightly on a higher side i.e. 20 minutes.

Emailmarker supports both single and bulk verification APIs in languages as PHP,Python, Ruby, Java, Node, GO.

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