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Does MyEmailVerifier actually give high accuracy? Know here!

Expert's Reviews on MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier verifies 98% of emails accurately and wears the crown of the most accurate bulk email verifier. Besides that, you'll get guaranteed delivery 99% time after sending your email list.   Besides verifying Gmail, Hotmail, AOL & other business email services, there's a golden bonus for you. MEV is the only one to identify if the provided Yahoo/AOL address is active but disabled. Other email verifier services mark that as "active," which sounds pitiful.    Fast, Multiple Validations, and Batch upload are the top features in their API integration, which help to verify email before it goes into your database (that's cool). Rather than just a cheap email verifier, MEV is a highly dependable one! While QEV offers 10k email verifications @$60, MEV offers the same @$21.6.   If you're a beginner seeking answers, then no worries! They provide a tremendous knowledge base. Besides, they provide special discounts to non-profits and educational institutes based on their best suitability.   MyEmailVerifier is the perfect email verification service for all types of businesses and organizations.


  • Highest Accuracy

    We proudly say that MyEmailVerifier ranks 1st for the highest accuracy level, i.e., 98%, one of the best accuracy levels we have detected in our entire audit of 35+ email verifiers.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    The average industry standard turnaround time is 498 minutes. But MEV took only 150 minutes to verify 10K email addresses with 98% accuracy.

  • Cost-Effective

    MyEmailVerifier charges $21.6 for 10K email verification. With this, it ranks 7th in LCA’s recommended list of top 10 most affordable email verifiers.

  • Customer Support

    MEV also ranks higher for the best customer support than others. You can reach its customer support team through email, phone calls, or live chat 24/7.

  • Detecting All Email Addresses

    MEV is very fast and accurate while detecting any email address. We have uploaded an email list containing various email addresses, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, catch-all, role-based, disposable, etc. Believe us; we got the most accurate result from it!

  • Free Trials & Credits

    MEV stands ahead when we talk about the free trials and credits. Among 35+ vendors, MEV is the one that provides the highest no. of free trials and credits for email verification.

  • Customized Discount Offer

    One more thing about MEV that also attracted us is that it offers customized discounts if you are a student or running a non-profit organization. You need to send them a request through this Google form. It claims that you will get a response to this request within 24 hours.

  • Easy To Use Email Validation API

    MyEmailVerifier also offers a real-time email validation API that is based on a JSON web service. You can easily use it for single and bulk email verification by configuring it in your web forms or mobile applications. It will check the existence of each user mailbox. Thus, you can stop your list from being messy, and only genuine email addresses will be able to enter your email list.


  • Limited No. of Integration

    MyEmailVerifier currently integrates with only five email marketing services: Mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber, ConstantConnect, and SendGrid. So, you will get the benefit of managing your marketing activities from a single platform only if you are using any of these five email marketing tools.

MyEmailVerifier - 5th Most affordable ServiceWhile listing the email verifier services as the least costing placed on top, MyEmailVerifier stands on the seventh spot.

Number of Email Verifications Cost/Price
500 Email Verifications $1.44
1000 Email Verifications $2.87
5000 Email Verifications $12.6
10000 Email Verifications $21.6
100K Email Verifications $69
500K Email Verifications $149
1M Email Verifications $289
2M Email Verifications $900
5M Email Verifications $1800
  • Thankfully, the minimum order value is very low - just $1.44 for 500 credits. Most importantly, The credits never expire.
  • MyEmailVerifier is offering up to 60% discount on its regular prices.

Top 10 Most Affordable Email Verification VendorsHere we’ve arranged the top 10 Email Verification Vendors on the basis of how much they charge for verifying 10K emails.

(Cost for 10k Email verification)

See All Affordable Email Verification Vendors

MyEmailVerifier - Ranked 1st Regarding Accuracy Percentage

  • We’ve audited their verification accuracy by verifying 200 email addresses of mixed types (valid, invalid, greylisted, role-based, disposable, etc.). Out of them, 98% of emails were accurately verified by MyEmailVerifier, which is highly appreciable. That’s the ultimate best accuracy we’ve measured. Here is a more detailed analysis of our findings.
Vendor’s self-quotation
Accuracy calculated in our Audit

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MyEmailVerifier - Accuracy Percentage Detected in Different Email Validations

From our in-depth survey, we've calculated MyEmailVerifier's accuracy as 98% . You can get profound details in the table below:

Top 10 Overall Most Accurate Email Verification Vendors

Let’s know how does MyEmailVerifier Accuracy surpasses the Industry standards.

MyEmailVerifier Accuracy Industry Average
Gmail 100 0
Hotmail 100 0

MyEmailVerifier - Ranked 7th Fastest in Turnaround time Turnaround time is the time taken by any Email verification service to validate a given number of emails. Lesser the turnaround Time, faster the service is considered

  • By taking just two and half hours to check 10000 emails, MyEmailVerifier doesn’t just prove itself one among the fastest email verifiers but also keeps a very tight grip over accuracy.

Average Industry Standards

MyEmailVerifier's Turnaround Time

Top 10 Vendors with Fastest Email Verification

(Turnaround Time per 10k Emails)

Integration Options

  • MyEmailVerifier integrates easily with leading email marketing service providers like MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber & Sendgrid

Advance Features

  • Syntax Verification: MEV easily detects & removes those email addresses from your email list, which consists of syntax errors.
  • Domain Checker: MEV’s email checking system can identify & remove email addresses that consist of invalid and inactive domains.
  • Catch-All Email checker: MyEmailVerifier’s powerful system can easily filter out & mark catch-all email addresses in your email list.
  • Real-time API: MEV’s real-time API makes it possible to let only genuine email addresses reach your email list.
  • Free Domain Email Checker: If your email list consists of an email generated from a free domain such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc., MEV's superfast email verification engine will detect it in no time.
  • Lowest Turnaround Time: As per its commitment, MyEmailVerifier takes very few minutes to verify many email addresses (150 minutes for 10K email verification).
  • Temporary Unavailability Detection: Because of the profound SMTP verification, MEV’s verification engine can easily detect temporarily unavailable emails.
  • Role Account Detection: MyEmailVerifier is very good at detecting role-based email addresses which are not connected to any person but the brand, business, or any group of people.
  • Improved Yahoo Email Verification: MEV is precise at identifying disabled users while checking Yahoo/AOL email addresses.
  • Greylist Domain Detection: MEV can make your low email deliverability issue as less as possible with its anti-greylisting technology.
  • Spam Trap Detection: MyEmailVerifier helps you maintain your email list hygiene by detecting hidden SPAM TRAP in your email list.

Major Clients

No Data Available

Sign up process

  • MyemailVerifier provides an easy sign-up process. Users need to verify an email address and can directly start email list verification.

App installation required?

  • MyEmailVerifier is a SaaS-base platform; it does not require the installation of app/software.

Formats for file Upload

  • CSV, XLSX, and TXT are the accepted file formats.

Formats for file Download

  • MyEmailVerifier returns validated email files in .csv, .txt, and .xlsx formats.
  • User can download all email results in MyEmailVerifier.

Customized / scalable services

  • MyEmailVerifier offers customized services, contact their support team for requesting the custom quote.
Request a quote

Customer Support

  • MyEmailVerifier provides highly reliable 24x7x365 customer support.
  • MyEmailVerifier replies to email within 1 hour with a detailed and informative answer.
  • MyEmailVerifier provides excellent support to the technical queries of the users.
  • MyEmailVerifier provides excellent support via live chat and phone.
Claimed By MyEmailVerifier
Live Chat
Live Chat
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Not available

Real-time verification through API

  • With the help of API, you can catch user syntax errors, typos,  prevent fake account sign-ups, and, most importantly, ensure that all emails you gather are valid in real-time. MyEmailVerifier supports real-time verification API only in JSON format.
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About - MyEmailVerifier

Established in 2018.

With its email verification server hosted in the USA, MyEmailVerifier is the newest addition to the list, yet has highly dominated over several email verification services operating since long. Concerning performance, MyEmailVerifier is unbeatable in the current time, and their accuracy level is unmatched. Its email validation capabilities include syntax verifier, domain/MX record checker, catchall detector, disposable email detector, and role-based account detector.

They successfully find disabled users in yahoo/AOL, which no other email verification service does. 

The Competitive pay-as-you-go pricing model, coupled with hassle-free sign-up, makes the email verification process simple. Also, MyEmailVerifier offers a discount to Start-ups and Non-profit organizations. Now, that’s so generous, isn’t it?

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Brenda R.

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