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Simple, Fast and Accurate.

Editor's Overview

  • DeBounce is the newcomer in the email verification industry committed to providing a 97.50% deliverability guarantee. DeBounce is any user-friendly yet accurate email verifier.


  • Free API for detecting disposable email address.
  • Refund policy for lower deliverability results.
  • Allows users to choose Validation server region upon request.


  • Limited time online support (Business hours)
  • API support available only in PHP language.
  DeBounce - Ranked 2nd in Pricing
  • $10 for 5000 Emails
  • $15 for 10000 Emails
  • $90 for 100K Emails
  • $300 for 500K Emails
  • $500 for 1M Emails
  • $800 for 2M Emails
  • $1500 for 5M Emails
  • The minimum order value is $10 for 5000 credits. The credit never expires.

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DeBounce - Ranked 3rd in Accuracy
  • DeBounce is one improved bulk email verifier that is not only accurate but validates and QQ emails with ease.

  • DeBounce Guarantees 96%+ Accuracy rates on AOL, Yahoo, and office 365 email accounts and 98%+ Accuracy rates on everything else.

  • Deliverability Guarantee

    DeBounce guarantees the refund of credits if they have not lived up to their deliverability standards. Qualifying customers can receive additional verification credits, up to 5 times the amount.

    E.g., If the accuracy rate achieved is 97%, i.e. lower by 1% for what is guaranteed (98%) on everything else. DeBounce will add 5 x 1% of total validation credits for those emails to account balance.

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Top 10 Most Accurate Email Verification Vendors

DeBounce - Multiple Different Validations
DeBounce Accuracy Vs. Avg. Industry standards
DeBounce Accuracy Industry Average
Gmail 100 88.24
Yahoo 100 73.68
Outlook 100 80.88
Hotmail 100 77.45
Yandex 100 88.24
AOL 100 64.71
DeBounce - Ranked 17th in Turnaround time
  • DeBounce takes 15-20 minutes to verify email list with approx 1000 email records.

  • Considering Greylisting verification DeBounce is the fastest bulk email verifier.

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DeBounce - Ranked 18th in Free Trial
  • Debounce offers daily ten email validations (single) without sign-up.

  • Debounce offers 100 free credits - one time to take a tour of their services.

Daily 10 verifications available without signup

One Time 100 verifications available after signup

Credit card Not Required

Integration Options
Advance Features
  • Debounce is one of the very few email verification providers offering WordPress plugin for instant email verification.
  • Accurate validation for and QQ mails.
Sign up process
  • Easy signup process does not require credit card details.

App installation required?
  • Debounce is a SaaS-based platform which does not require installing or downloading software.
Formats for file Upload
  • The only .txt file format is available for uploading the email list.
  • Email files can be imported using available integrations option.
Format for file Download
  • Formats available for downloading the resultant file are - Deliverable, invalid, accept-all, disposable, unknown, spam-traps.
Customized / scalable services
Request a quote
Customer Support
  • Debounce offers excellent customer support via live chat, phone, and email.
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Live Chat
Live Chat
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  • Excellent
  • Not available
Real-time verification through API
  • At present Debounce offers API support in PHP language only.
  • Debounce's email verification API is capable of identifying complainers, free providers, SMTP, disposables, Spam traps, Syntax, DNS and Role accounts.
  • Free email verification API is offered by DeBounce - To detect and eliminate disposable email accounts.
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About - DeBounce

Established in 2018.

Debounce was born out of a marketing agency that is passionate about email deliverability.

Debounce is the comparatively new player in the market. Debounce has designed highly competitive pricing packages with as low as $10 for 100K verifications (i.e., $ 0.002 per check). Debounce claims to be higher on accuracy on lower on pricing.

Debounce offers integrations with major ESPs namely, MailChimp, Sendgrid, Mailerlite, and Sparkpost. It goes one step ahead of the competition by providing WordPress plugin for instant email verification.


DeBounce Email Validation Tool

DeBounce Email Validation Tool

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