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Helping over 20,000 customers reduce their bounce rate since 2005.

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Verifalia is a feature-rich email verification provider that offers three levels of service quality and specific response codes in real time. Verifalia, email verification suite, performs 20+ additional checks to validate an email. Verifalia's international verification capabilities make it a real feature rich solution.


  • Secured data centers in Germany.
  • Daily 25 email verification free.
  • International verification.


  • Verifalia does not allow integration with any ESPs or CRM.

  Verifalia - Ranked 18th in Pricing

  • $4 for 500 Emails
  • $8 for 1000 Emails
  • $37 for 5000 Emails
  • $65 for 10000 Emails
  • $389 for 100K Emails
  • $969 for 500K Emails
  • $1469 for 1M Emails
  • $3689 for 5M Emails
  • Pricing Comparison with Other Providers
  • The minimum order value is $4 for 500 credits. The credit never expires.

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Verifalia - Ranked 7th in Accuracy

  • Verifalia does not state how accurate their service is, but is a trusted email verification service.

Verifalia offers three levels of service for meeting specific requirements.

  • Standard Quality.
  • High Quality.
  • Extreme Quality.

Standard quality works for most businesses and most lists. It's perfect for a quick and cost-effective list cleaning. The High and Extreme services use sophisticated techniques to provide unparalleled results, allowing only Verifalia to navigate old servers, slow servers, and advanced antispam systems to provide definitive responses.

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Top 10 Most Accurate Email Verification Vendors

Verifalia - Multiple Different Validations

Verifalia Accuracy Vs. Avg. Industry standards

Verifalia Accuracy Industry Average
Gmail 100 89
Yahoo 99 95
AOL 92 81

Verifalia - Ranked 17th in Turnaround time

  • At standard level quality, list of 10000 records can be processed within 1 hour, While a list of 1M records can consume approximate 12 hours time.
  • Verifalia's turnaround time is dependent on the level of service selected.

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Verifalia - Ranked 5th in Free Trial

  • Verifalia offers 25 free email verification on a daily basis, which is available for use in single as well as batch email verification.

Daily 0 verifications available without signup

Daily 25 verifications available after signup

Credit card Not Required

Integration Options

  • At present Verifalia lacks behind, regarding providing any integrations for automating the workflow.

Advance Features

  • Verifalia validates an email address with its 20+ checks.
  • International verification - Verifalia is capable of verifying all contacts, even those using non-Latin alphabets, like Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic. 
  • Verifalia offers sub-account which can come in handy if you are working in a team or provide validation services to your clients. Verifalia sub-accounts is useful for the Marketing team, for clients or for development team where everyone can have sub-account credentials with restricted use.
  • The starter level can accommodate 5 sub-accounts, while the ultimate membership is capable of handling up to 5000 accounts.

Sign up process

  • Verifalia offers two options for sign up for their services, as an individual or as a business.
  • For registering as a business a  Tax ID number is mandatory.

App installation required?

  • Verifalia is a SaaS-based platform which does not require any download or installation.

Formats for file Upload

  • Acceptable format for uploading the file size is .txt
    No other form is acceptable.

Format for file Download

  • The resultant file is available for download in three formats i.e.CSV.XLS and.XLSX.

  • Files are available for download in four options, i.e. Deliverable, Risky, unknown and Valid.

Customized / scalable services

  • Contact Verifalia support team for requesting the custom quote.
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Customer Support

  • Verifalia provides support from 6:00 A.M to 11:59 P.M(CEST) on the weekend and 6:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M(CEST) during working days.
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Live Chat
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Real-time verification through API

  • Verifalia supports real-time verification through API in different languages - PHP, Ruby, NODE.Js, JAVA and .NET
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Verifalia Reviews


Alex Harris said "I use Verifalia since 2016 and its validation service never ceases to amaze me! Recommended tool and superb customer service."


Kate said "I used the service and I was surprised that the whole process was fast and easy. I recommend this provider."


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About - Verifalia

Established in 2005.

Verifalia is helping over 20000 customers since 2005. Verifalia is one of the very few feature-rich email list cleaning service provider with 20+ steps to validate an email address. 

International verification is what makes Verifalia stand out from its competitors, using its global verification feature Verifalia can accurately verify contacts using non-Latin alphabets like Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic.

Apart from flexible monthly and pre-paid credit plans, Verifalia offers 25 free email verification (single or batch) on a daily basis without even signing up for their services.

Regarding ESP(s) integration, Verifalia lacks behind. At present, it does not support any integration options.

Security and Data Retention Policy Once the SERVICE finish validating a batch of email addresses, the customer who submitted the data can download a detailed validation report in multiple formats, as described on the Verifalia website.

Each customer can download multiple times his validation reports and, for security purposes, may even discard both all of the validation report data and the initial email addresses batch from the SERVICE database at his will.

In addition to that, the SERVICE automatically deletes the records as mentioned earlier after 30 days since the completion of each email validation batch.

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