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Clean thousands of emails within minutes!

Editor's Overview

With over 100K users on board, Snovio is just more than email verification tool. Snovio offers useful tools like Email finder, technology tracker, professional email search and more. But when it comes to email verification accuracy, Snovio is fairly behind average industry standards.


  • 3% cashback on every order in the form of Snovio tokens.
  • Faster turnaround time. Snovio takes only 2 minutes the process the list of 1k records.
  • Freemium model, which allows validating 200 emails for free.


  • Unable to validate Yahoo mail accounts, and marks them as unknown.
  • Low on overall accuracy.

  Snovio - Ranked 12th in Pricing

Number of Email Verifications Cost/Price
1000 Email Verifications $39
10000 Email Verifications $49
100K Email Verifications $139
  • Every order on Snovio is entitled to receive 3% cash back in the form of snovio tokens.

  • The minimum order value is $19 for 1000 credits per month, 2000 emails can be verified using this credits.

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Snovio - Ranked # in Accuracy

No Audit for current period

  • By accuracy performance, Snovio has a room for improvement. Detailed reporting on email list cleaning is not provided by Snovio.
  • Snovio marks Yahoo mail accounts as unknown.

No Audit for current period.

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Snovio - Multiple Different Validations

Snovio Accuracy Vs. Avg. Industry standards

Snovio Accuracy Industry Average

Snovio - Ranked # in Turnaround

No Audit for current period

  • Snovio does not disclose their turnaround time as it depends on the size and quality of the list.
  • However, we found Snovio to be the fastest email verification service.

No Audit for current period.

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Snovio - Ranked 0th in Free Trial

  • 100 credits every month, Cost of verifying one email will take only 0.5 credit.

  • 200 emails per month can be verified using free credits.

  • Snovio gives more free credits upon request.

No Free Email verification available without Signup

One Time 100 verifications available after signup

Credit card Not Required

Integration Options

  • Snovio does not provide any integration options at present.

Advance Features

  • Snovio offers a bunch of services apart from email verification, i.e. Email finder, Email drip campaigns, and technology checker.

Major Clients

client1 client2 client3 client4 client5 client6 client7 client8 client9

Sign up process

  • The sign-up process is carried out with email verification.

App installation required?

  • Snovio is a web-based platform which does not require any download or installation.

Formats for file Upload

  • Accepted file format is .csv

Format for file Download

  • Resultant files is available for download in .csv, .xlsx and google sheets.

Customized / scalable services

  • Snovio offers customized services; contact their support team for requesting the custom quotes.

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Customer Support

  • Customer support is available via Live Chat, Email, and Phone.

Claimed By Snovio
Live Chat
Live Chat
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  • Good
  • Average
  • Not available

Real-time verification through API

  • Real-time verification through API is available in PHP and Python language.

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Snovio Reviews


Zack Campbell said "That's amazing tool! wuth it I can upload the bunch of domains and get verified emails + job titles. company name and so on."


Smart Y.E. said "Awesome tool. It's not just about verification. It has many features as prospects search and email campaigns builder."


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From the business

About - Snovio

Established in 2017.

Snovio is much more than email verification solution, and it also offers services like Email finding, drip campaigns, and technology checkers. Snovio is a solution designed for sales representatives, Marketers, Startups, Recruiters and anyone who relies on email outreach or outbound. 

With its robust offerings, Snovio has attracted big names like Lenovo, Oracle, Lego, Soundcloud, UBER, etc. 

Snovio is highly accurate in identifying a valid email address but marks Yahoo email accounts as unknown. Also, resultant files have only two classifications i.e. valid and invalid, no other classification is provided like role-based, catchall or disposable.

To win over competitors, Snovio offers a freemium model which enable users to verify 200 emails free every month.

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