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Editor's Overview

  • Listwise is a straightforward tool for email verification designed to verify email addresses intelligently. But, regarding producing the accurate result, it falls behind with overall email verification accuracy. Listwise has its suite of related products namely Maxmail, Texta, and CyberCom Pay.


  • Auto-typo fixing feature.


  • Minimum order value is $45 for 10K email credits.
  • Listwise marks Yahoo mail accounts as the catchall.
  • Limited online support.

  ListWise - Ranked 10th in Pricing

  • Listwise offers monthly and prepaid subscriptions.

  • The minimum order value is $45 for 10000 credits. The credit never expires.

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ListWise - Ranked 21st in Accuracy

  • ListWise doe not discloses how accurate there service is, however average industry standards stands at 96% by accuracy.

  • ListWise has been ranking lower by accuracy performance.

  • ListWise marks all the Yahoo mail accounts as the catch-all.

Average Industry Standards

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ListWise - Multiple Different Validations

ListWise Accuracy Vs. Avg. Industry standards

ListWise Accuracy Industry Average
Gmail 100 88.24
Outlook 100 80.88
Hotmail 16.67 77.45
Yandex 100 88.24

ListWise - Ranked 16th in Turnaround time

  • ListWise does not disclose turnaround time. However, a common industry standard for verifying 1000 emails is between 3 to 4 minutes.

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ListWise - Ranked 21st in Free Trial

  • One time - 100 free credits are available to test ListWise email verification services.

Daily Unlimited without signup

One Time 100 verifications available after signup

Credit card Not Required

Integration Options

  • At present ListWise does not support any integrations.

Advance Features

  • ListWise has Auto-typo fixing feature which can earn you a valid email address out of a typing error.

Sign up process

  • Registered email needs to be verified for completing the sign-up process.
  • Also, the phone number is mandatory for signing up.

App installation required?

  • Software download is not needed as ListWise is a web-based platform.

Formats for file Upload

  • Accepted formats for uploading the file are .csv, .tdv, .txt, it also accepts .zip, .gzip and .bzip formats.

Format for file Download

  • The resultant file is in the Zip format which contains all resultant records like valid, invalid, bounced, spam trap, etc.

Customized / scalable services

  • ListWise offers scalable services. Contact ListWise support team for requesting the custom quote.

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Customer Support

  • ListWise provides 24*7 customer support via live chat. However, we found ListWise online support offline many times.

  • When online, ListWise gives the reply within 3 minutes.

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Real-time verification through API

  • Real-time verification service through API is supported only in PHP language.

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About - ListWise

Established in 2017.

Owned by CyberCom, Listwise is one of the simplest email verification solutions. Listwise's auto-typo fixing feature is capable of earning a valid email address out of a typing error. Listwise offers flexible pricing plans, i.e. prepaid and monthly plans. 

Listwise has its sister service, Maxmail which offers cost-effective email marketing solution. 

Listwise ability to identify valid email addresses is highly accurate, but it does not Validate Yahoo mail accounts correctly and marks them as the catchall. Listwise do offer 24*7 customer support via live chat, but again it lacks behind in facilitating ESPs and marketing automation integration options.

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